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May 2017 eNewsletter

May 26, 2017
May Newsletter
Every GREAT story begins with a hero facing a significant struggle; a challenge that seems insurmountable.  The hero's trial and adversity forces them to learn to adapt. With the help of a mentor they grow and ultimately triumph.  

Read below about the men & women who's stories just began. They just faced their ultimate test, a life-changing traumatic injury.
Your support will help them on their journey towards recovery. Triumph provides the necessary mentorship, guidance, and aid to assist with their transformation and transition back into the community.
When you read about the people you impacted, I hope you feel a sense of pride about what you helped accomplish.  You enable so many heroes to emerge after tragedy. 
Your contributions count, please consider making a gift today:

On behalf of the amazing people your generosity has helped, THANK YOU!

Andrew Skinner
Newly Injured Support

Your support sends Triumph Ambassadors to visit people who've recently had a paralyzing accident to deliver Care Baskets & Backpacks full of resources, provide mentorship, and bring a message of hope.  We are the first line of support to the newly injured person and their family to guide their way. 

Our Ambassador Mickie recently met Nadia who is 17 years old and from war torn Syria. She was hit by a sniper bullet five years ago which left her with a T10 spinal cord injury.We gave her a Care Backpack with resources on opportunities here in the United States to welcome her and her family to their new home. 
We met James and his wife Claire at Casa Colina. James was driving a go-cart when tragedy struck and it rolled over.  In the accident he broke his neck suffering a C5 spinal cord injury. He is getting better every day and is determined to reclaim his life and support Claire and their four children.

Your support brought a Care Backpack full of resources to Javier at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Ventura.  Javier suffered a spinal cord injury in April. We are going to help him triumph over his injury in this new journey of his life. 
We met Tony and his wife Katheryn at Casa Colina. He was involved in a snowboarding accident in Big Bear and suffered a T12 spinal cord injury. He recently was discharged home and we are looking forward to helping him along his recovery.

Ambassador Training
We held our 1st Ambassador Training Conference with 50 people attending for professional peer mentor training.

Triumph Ambassadors make bedside hospital visits to hundreds of newly-injured people to educate them on their life ahead, making recommendations that will help them on their road to recovery. 

Our goal for 2017 is to deliver a Care Package to every single person in Southern California that has a new paralyzing injury and provide a lifelong support network that serves all people with disabilities. 

You can join us by donating at 

Your help will empower our Ambassadors by reimbursing gas expenses, covering the costs to host our support groups, and to produce educational materials in our support packages.  
Equipment & Supply Exchange

Many people have inadequate health insurance that doesn't provide the proper equipment needed after suffering a traumatic injury.  Your gifts help Triumph repurpose used durable medical goods and give the items to people in need. Here are some highlights from this month:  

We met 5 year old Damian at the Abilities Expo. Our Ambassador Cory had just picked up a child's size wheelchair that someone was getting rid of and brought it with him to our booth. Damian was a perfect fit.
Bumni was injured 2 1/2 years ago due to a sky diving accident. He has been rolling around in an old hospital chair with an inadequate cushion for all that time. So we hooked him up with a new ride and a roho cushion.  

We met Raul at Rancho Los Amigos. He was in a car accident 3 months ago. He was discharged with a large hospital chair. We helped him get a lightweight chair that will be easier for him to get around in. 
David was shot in the back while working at his liquor store last December. His insurance would not cover a proper wheelchair. We were able to find him a wheelchair that fit perfectly to give him independence.

Superhero 5k
Superheroes Triumph! No matter what your ability is, you are a hero to us. This 5K on September 9th will "pack a punch" in fun and ease with a fast, gentle rolling course. 100% of the proceeds benefit Triumph Foundation and our mission - helping people get better every day.



Let'em Roll Casino Night
You are invited to Triumph Foundation's Let'em Roll Casino Nightfundraiser on Saturday August 26, 2017 at a NEW LOCATION, the Universal Hilton, 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608
This fun event will feature 
blackjack, craps, roulette, and Texas Hold'em Poker. Plus prime rib dinner, music, dancing and silent auction. 

This is our main source of funding to support our programs.  Our vision is to double our efforts with expanded services for children, adults, and Veterans, providing encouragement, activities, equipment, and much needed support. And if we're going to double-downwe need your help to do it!


Thank you
In the coming days we  will be sending you a full report on the success of our Wheelchair Sports Festival.  Stay tuned to be BLOWN AWAY by what our heroes accomplish next!
Please tell your friends and colleagues about Triumph Foundation and keep us and those we are working for in your prayers.  

Your giving enables Triumph Foundation to provide much-needed assistance to thousands of people in the paralysis community.  We rely on donations from generous people like you. Please help us continue to provide these valuable services.

We are so thankful for your support,

Andrew Skinner

3rd Annual Adaptive Sports Expo at VA Long Beach!

May 10, 2017

Wheelchair Sports Festival April 29th & 30th, 2017

April 13, 2017

Let'em Roll Casino Night 2017 *NEW LOCATION*

April 13, 2017

Superheroes Triumph! 5K

April 13, 2017

[Don't miss this] Look what you did...

April 4, 2017
New Beginning for Father of Six
Richard Ruehle is the winner of our Adapted Van Giveaway Essay Contest.
Watch his story:
Look what you did...

Last August Richard was on his way home from work when a car pulled in front of him and he was involved in a motorcycle accident suffering multiple injuries to his spinal cord leaving him a quadriplegic. Since his injury he has had to make many adjustments, but has been determined to reclaim his independence so he can take care of his wife and six children.

Triumph gave him a Care Basket in the hospital, a grant for ramps into his home, a wheelchair, and now an adapted van.
This van will enable him to return to physical therapy, take some of the strain off his wife as a caregiver, allow him to attend and be involved with his kids sports and family activities, and ultimately return to a job that's waiting for him to provide for his family. 

Your generosity and support gave us the ability to help Richard and his family. 

To help make more stories like this possible, go to
Let 'Em Roll Casino Night
Roll the dice, spin the wheel, and help others beat the odds! Don't miss this exciting Triumph Foundation tradition (held for the first time at the Universal Hilton) that provides support for our programs all year long. We can't do this without you.

Purchase your tickets today at a special early bird price for $150 until July 1st. 
All proceeds will benefit Triumph Foundation. Buy Tickets / Sponsor

FREE Sled Hockey Clinic

March 23, 2017

Wheelchair Over The Line Tournament in San Diego

March 23, 2017

Join Casa Colina's Outdoor Adventures Program on their Next ADVENTURE!

March 23, 2017

The Campaign for Disability Employment

March 22, 2017

The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.

What can YOU do?

YOU can support the Campaign for Disability Employment’s “What can YOU do?” initiative and play an important role in improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

“What can YOU do?” is a positive outreach initiative aimed at increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities by challenging common misperceptions. It sends a clear message: people with disabilities want to work and their talents and abilities benefit businesses both financially and organizationally. By implementing good workplace practices, such as maintaining a flexible and inclusive work environment, businesses can capitalize on the talents of qualified people with disabilities. All it takes is recognizing the value they add to the workplace and fostering a work culture welcoming of the talents of all individuals. We encourage organizations of all sizes and in all industries to join our effort.

Four Things YOU Can Do

There are many ways to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities and show your support for the “What can YOU do?” initiative. Here are four things you can do now:

RJ Mitte is a participant in the "Who I Am" PSA 1. Hire, Retain and Advance People with Disabilities. Businesses that are inclusive of people with disabilities – in hiring, retention and advancement – benefit from a wider pool of talent, skills, and creative business solutions. Additionally, fostering a work environment that is flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities, actually promotes workplace success for everyone.
Meg Guilford is a participant in the "Who I Am" PSA 2. Be a Mentor. Be a mentor by inspiring youth with disabilities to achieve their career aspirations. It is important that each individual is valued for his or her skills and talents, and that youth with disabilities are supported and encouraged to dream big when it comes to developing career goals. Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders. And if you are a youth with a disability, tell us what you WILL do!
Ron Drach, a participant in the 'Who I Am' PSA 3. Share the “CAN-Do” Spirit. Help us by telling others about the CDE and the “What can YOU do?” initiative. We encourage you to use our public service announcements, accompanying discussion guides, posters and other materials, all included in the CDE’s online CDE Toolkits, to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities in your business and community. Learn how our supporters are using the CDE’s tools to share the “CAN-Do” spirit!
Elizabeth Kumar is a participant in the Who I Am PSA 4. Link to Us. Link to the CDE on your Web site to show your support for the “What can YOU do?” initiative and provide your visitors with easy access to disability employment information and resources. Various link options are available, including a badge to proudly display your organization’s support for the CDE.

UCLA Bladder Study

March 22, 2017

This study is looking at the effects of non-invasive transcutaneous magnetic stimulation on DSD (detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia). Overall the study will look at whether this intervention helps to improve volitional urination and decrease frequency of catheterization. The treatment will be twice a week at UCLA for approximately 1 year. Several people that we’ve talked to don’t know if they truly have DSD (sometimes called a neurogenic bladder), which is fine. If they have the symptoms of not being able to volitionally void due to increased urethral pressure, then we’ll perform a video urodynamics study to confirm DSD prior to the beginning of the study.

Inclusion Criteria:

1.     Male

2.     Age 18-75

3.     At least 1 year post injury

4.     Non-progressive SCI at C2-T8

5.     ASIA A-B

6.     Neurogenic Bladder requiring CISC (clean intermittent self-catheterization)

Exclusion Criteria:

1.     History of autonomic dysreflexia

2.     Ventilator dependency

3.     Musculoskeletal dysfunction (current fracture or infection)

4.     Clinically significant depression

5.     Ongoing drug abuse

6.     Received Botox injection

7.     Previous bladder surgery

8.     Significant cardiopulmonary disease

For more information contact Josh Chambers

Diversity Day

January 23, 2017

Christmas Outreach Update

January 6, 2017
Outreach Update
Dear Triumph Supporter,

What an incredible year 2016 has been! Thanks to your wonderful support you touched the lives of thousands of people with spinal cord injury and other disabilities.
For every single Care Basket that we deliver, grant that we award, support group we facilitate, or sports and recreation activity we organize, there is a person who's story is worth being told.
This year we met a young 28-year-old young man named Nick who got  into a motorcycle accident. His family contacted us and Triumph's Ambassadors delivered him a Care Basket in the hospital. A month later, Nick was discharged to go home without a proper wheelchair. Nick contacted Triumph and, through our Exchange program, he was given a lightweight, loaner wheelchair. Nick then used the resources Triumph gave him to learn how to drive again using hand controls. He then applied for Triumph's Keep Moving Forward Grant for adapted driving equipment and returned to work. He now participates in many of our Adaptive Recreation programs and has taken a leadership role in our Support Group that meets near his home. Nick represents Triumph Foundation as an Ambassador, inspiring others that are newly paralyzed they can rebuild their lives too and reintegrate back into the community.
It's stories like Nick's - stories of lives restored - that encourage our hearts and instill a sense of duty to continue our work. They are made possible only through of the generosity of people like you. 
Please consider making a tax-deductible end-of-the-year donation to help continue our programs. Your generosity has changed so many lives, but many more are in need of the help you provide.

I hope your New Year is filled with love, laughter, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Thank you, 

Andrew Skinner
(661) 803-3700     

PS - Don't forget to make your donation by this Saturday, December 31st to get the full 2016 tax benefit. Your giving transforms lives, and we can't do it without you.

Christmas Outreach
Your support sent Triumph Ambassadors traveling over 2,000 miles to deliver Care Baskets to 67 people that recently became paralyzed at 15 hospitals and rehab centers in the last 3 weeks to bring resources and hope this Christmas.
You made a LOT of people smile this Holiday season!

And the Winner is...
The winner of our Princess Cruises Raffle is...Clover Masonry.

Thank you to Princess Cruises that donated a four-day Coastal Getaway Cruise in support of Triumph Foundation.  

We are so grateful to everyone who purchased raffle tickets to help us raise funds for a transport van.  

Thank you
As you reflect on the Holidays and look forward to the year ahead, just imagine if you had a spinal cord injury.

If you became paralyzed, what would you want?  You would want choices, freedom, and opportunity. You would want to be seen as a person, whose capability is far greater than your disability. 

You would need an organization like Triumph Foundation to help you adjust, discover quality of life, and pursue your dreams. 
Your donations ensure that we can continue our important work.
I hope Triumph has touched your heart as you continue to invest in our life-changing programs.  

We couldn't be more grateful to you.

Happy New Year, 

Andrew Skinner

Christmas Outreach Schedule 2016

December 3, 2016

Princess Cruises Raffle

November 10, 2016


Triumph Foundation and Princess Cruises hosts a raffle to raise money to purchase a new transport van.

Triumph Foundation is selling raffle tickets for $100 to win a Princess Cruises vacation in order to raise money to buy a cargo van for transporting the organization’s Care Baskets to hospitals, wheelchairs, adapted sports equipment, and any other necessary items supporting Triumph’s outreach program needs.

Purchase Raffle Tickets

The winner of the cruise will receive a four-day Coastal Getaway cruise for two in a private balcony stateroom. The cruise sails round-trip from Los Angeles along the West Coast, and will include fresh-made cuisine, comfortable accommodations, and dazzling entertainment.

The drawing will take place on December 27, 2016 at 7 PM at Triumph Foundation's End-Of-The-Year celebration at C.O.R.E. (Center of Restorative Exercise) at 9667 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, CA 91324. Winner need not be present.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at

Adapted Van Giveaway Contest

October 12, 2016
Triumph Foundation is launching an essay contest to select a person with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder (SCI/D) to receive a donated wheelchair accessible van. There are many individuals that are paralyzed that cannot afford a modified vehicle to go to work or school, regain family unity, and simply reintegrate back into the community. Triumph Foundation’s Adapted Van Giveaway Contest seeks to find an individual who can most benefit from receiving the adapted van to help them reclaim their freedom and independence.

Vehicle Details:
• 1999 Ford E-150 XLT Van
• V8 engine
• Braun Rear Lift
• Ricon 6-way Transfer Driver Seat
• MPS hand controls
• Vehicle is donated in “As-Is” condition, with no warranties given

Contestant Qualifications:
• Person with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder
• Valid California DMV driver’s license with hand control certification OR efforts being made to attain one.
• Require the van’s special features
• Available to personally receive vehicle upon being awarded
• Provide proof of insurance at time of receipt
• Proof of income/financial constraint
• Must be 18 years or older
• Agree to participate in Triumph Foundation press and promotions regarding the Adaptive Van Giveaway

Essay Instructions:

Provide an autobiographical essay that describes how you were injured, the degree of your disability and how it affects your everyday life, how you currently stay active, what hardships you face preventing you from owning a van now, how you would use this accessible van to move forward with your life goals and endeavors, and any other factors that you wish to be taken into consideration. In addition, include how you would assist Triumph Foundation to help others that are paralyzed.

Entry deadline is December 1, 2016.
Applications will be reviewed by Triumph’s Board of Directors
Giveaway contest winner will be announced January 2017.

Winning Contestant will be chosen by Triumph Foundation’s Board of Directors will review each application and choose the winning contestant.

Application Guidelines:
• Essay must be 1,000 words or less
• Written using Times New Roman font
• Double spaced sentences
• Emailed to
• Email Title “Accessible Van Giveaway Application”
• Essay must be attached to email as a Word doc
• Include a picture of yourself as a 2nd email attachment

*Handwritten applications will not be considered

Medical Supplies Drive

September 27, 2016

Santa Clarita Skate Jam

September 27, 2016

Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament

September 21, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016, Triumph Foundation is holding our 3rd Annual Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament at the Barry A. Sanders Sport Field located at Lake Balboa Park 6300 Balboa Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91316. Everyone's welcome to attend!

To Register, email

Over-the-Line is a modified baseball game where players form small teams, attempt to hit a ball "over the line" into fair territory without their opponents catching it, and keep score. There will be a bracket where teams will have to win their way to the championship.

Exciting stem cell news!

September 21, 2016

Historic Spinal Cord Stem Cell Treatment Is a Game Changer for Biotech

By Patrick Cox

September 19, 2016

The Keck Medical Center of USC recently released news about a patient who participated in a clinical trial of stem cells for treatment of complete cervical spinal cord injury...included is video of patient Kris Boesen.

Some theorized that Boesen’s spinal cord hadn’t been completely severed and thought he must have naturally recovered.

This FDA-approved clinical trial required that only patients with catastrophic spinal cord injury could participate. It could have been possible, though, that a single patient was misdiagnosed by the experienced and highly qualified clinical and surgical team.

All 8 patients in the trial show great improvement

Data has now been released about all eight clinical participants with catastrophic spinal cord injury. Boesen wasn’t an anomaly. His results weren’t even the most impressive. All eight attained benefits that are both spectacular and historic.

The first three patients, in fact, only received the same small number of stem cells used in earlier mouse studies. Yet, they have shown some improvement.

The other five quadriplegics received half the therapeutic dose. They have gained enough upper body movement to care for themselves in just three months (the trial’s FDA guidelines allow twelve months).

Read more:…/historic-spinal-cord-stem…

TV story:

Read Full Press Release on Stem Cell Trial

About the SCiStar Trial

The SCiStar trial is an open-label, single-arm trial testing three sequential escalating doses of AST-OPC1 administered at up to 20 million AST-OPC1 cells in as many as 35 patients with sub-acute, C-5 to C-7, motor complete (AIS-A or AIS-B) cervical SCI. These individuals have essentially lost all movement below their injury site and experience severe paralysis of the upper and lower limbs. AIS-A patients have lost all motor and sensory function below their injury site, while AIS-B patients have lost all motor function but may retain some minimal sensory function below their injury site. AST-OPC1 is being administered 14 to 30 days post-injury. Patients will be followed by neurological exams and imaging procedures to assess the safety and activity of the product.

The study is being conducted at six centers in the U.S. and the company plans to increase this to 12 to accommodate the expanded patient enrollment...