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May 2017 eNewsletter

May 26, 2017
May Newsletter
Every GREAT story begins with a hero facing a significant struggle; a challenge that seems insurmountable.  The hero's trial and adversity forces them to learn to adapt. With the help of a mentor they grow and ultimately triumph.  

Read below about the men & women who's stories just began. They just faced their ultimate test, a life-changing traumatic injury.
Your support will help them on their journey towards recovery. Triumph provides the necessary mentorship, guidance, and aid to assist with their transformation and transition back into the community.
When you read about the people you impacted, I hope you feel a sense of pride about what you helped accomplish.  You enable so many heroes to emerge after tragedy. 
Your contributions count, please consider making a gift today:

On behalf of the amazing people your generosity has helped, THANK YOU!

Andrew Skinner
Newly Injured Support

Your support sends Triumph Ambassadors to visit people who've recently had a paralyzing accident to deliver Care Baskets & Backpacks full of resources, provide mentorship, and bring a message of hope.  We are the first line of support to the newly injured person and their family to guide their way. 

Our Ambassador Mickie recently met Nadia who is 17 years old and from war torn Syria. She was hit by a sniper bullet five years ago which left her with a T10 spinal cord injury.We gave her a Care Backpack with resources on opportunities here in the United States to welcome her and her family to their new home. 
We met James and his wife Claire at Casa Colina. James was driving a go-cart when tragedy struck and it rolled over.  In the accident he broke his neck suffering a C5 spinal cord injury. He is getting better every day and is determined to reclaim his life and support Claire and their four children.

Your support brought a Care Backpack full of resources to Javier at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Ventura.  Javier suffered a spinal cord injury in April. We are going to help him triumph over his injury in this new journey of his life. 
We met Tony and his wife Katheryn at Casa Colina. He was involved in a snowboarding accident in Big Bear and suffered a T12 spinal cord injury. He recently was discharged home and we are looking forward to helping him along his recovery.

Ambassador Training
We held our 1st Ambassador Training Conference with 50 people attending for professional peer mentor training.

Triumph Ambassadors make bedside hospital visits to hundreds of newly-injured people to educate them on their life ahead, making recommendations that will help them on their road to recovery. 

Our goal for 2017 is to deliver a Care Package to every single person in Southern California that has a new paralyzing injury and provide a lifelong support network that serves all people with disabilities. 

You can join us by donating at 

Your help will empower our Ambassadors by reimbursing gas expenses, covering the costs to host our support groups, and to produce educational materials in our support packages.  
Equipment & Supply Exchange

Many people have inadequate health insurance that doesn't provide the proper equipment needed after suffering a traumatic injury.  Your gifts help Triumph repurpose used durable medical goods and give the items to people in need. Here are some highlights from this month:  

We met 5 year old Damian at the Abilities Expo. Our Ambassador Cory had just picked up a child's size wheelchair that someone was getting rid of and brought it with him to our booth. Damian was a perfect fit.
Bumni was injured 2 1/2 years ago due to a sky diving accident. He has been rolling around in an old hospital chair with an inadequate cushion for all that time. So we hooked him up with a new ride and a roho cushion.  

We met Raul at Rancho Los Amigos. He was in a car accident 3 months ago. He was discharged with a large hospital chair. We helped him get a lightweight chair that will be easier for him to get around in. 
David was shot in the back while working at his liquor store last December. His insurance would not cover a proper wheelchair. We were able to find him a wheelchair that fit perfectly to give him independence.

Superhero 5k
Superheroes Triumph! No matter what your ability is, you are a hero to us. This 5K on September 9th will "pack a punch" in fun and ease with a fast, gentle rolling course. 100% of the proceeds benefit Triumph Foundation and our mission - helping people get better every day.



Let'em Roll Casino Night
You are invited to Triumph Foundation's Let'em Roll Casino Nightfundraiser on Saturday August 26, 2017 at a NEW LOCATION, the Universal Hilton, 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608
This fun event will feature 
blackjack, craps, roulette, and Texas Hold'em Poker. Plus prime rib dinner, music, dancing and silent auction. 

This is our main source of funding to support our programs.  Our vision is to double our efforts with expanded services for children, adults, and Veterans, providing encouragement, activities, equipment, and much needed support. And if we're going to double-downwe need your help to do it!


Thank you
In the coming days we  will be sending you a full report on the success of our Wheelchair Sports Festival.  Stay tuned to be BLOWN AWAY by what our heroes accomplish next!
Please tell your friends and colleagues about Triumph Foundation and keep us and those we are working for in your prayers.  

Your giving enables Triumph Foundation to provide much-needed assistance to thousands of people in the paralysis community.  We rely on donations from generous people like you. Please help us continue to provide these valuable services.

We are so thankful for your support,

Andrew Skinner

Wheelchair Sports Festival April 29th & 30th, 2017

April 13, 2017

Let'em Roll Casino Night 2017 *NEW LOCATION*

April 13, 2017

Superheroes Triumph! 5K

April 13, 2017

[Don't miss this] Look what you did...

April 4, 2017
New Beginning for Father of Six
Richard Ruehle is the winner of our Adapted Van Giveaway Essay Contest.
Watch his story:
Look what you did...

Last August Richard was on his way home from work when a car pulled in front of him and he was involved in a motorcycle accident suffering multiple injuries to his spinal cord leaving him a quadriplegic. Since his injury he has had to make many adjustments, but has been determined to reclaim his independence so he can take care of his wife and six children.

Triumph gave him a Care Basket in the hospital, a grant for ramps into his home, a wheelchair, and now an adapted van.
This van will enable him to return to physical therapy, take some of the strain off his wife as a caregiver, allow him to attend and be involved with his kids sports and family activities, and ultimately return to a job that's waiting for him to provide for his family. 

Your generosity and support gave us the ability to help Richard and his family. 

To help make more stories like this possible, go to
Let 'Em Roll Casino Night
Roll the dice, spin the wheel, and help others beat the odds! Don't miss this exciting Triumph Foundation tradition (held for the first time at the Universal Hilton) that provides support for our programs all year long. We can't do this without you.

Purchase your tickets today at a special early bird price for $150 until July 1st. 
All proceeds will benefit Triumph Foundation. Buy Tickets / Sponsor

Christmas Outreach Update

January 6, 2017
Outreach Update
Dear Triumph Supporter,

What an incredible year 2016 has been! Thanks to your wonderful support you touched the lives of thousands of people with spinal cord injury and other disabilities.
For every single Care Basket that we deliver, grant that we award, support group we facilitate, or sports and recreation activity we organize, there is a person who's story is worth being told.
This year we met a young 28-year-old young man named Nick who got  into a motorcycle accident. His family contacted us and Triumph's Ambassadors delivered him a Care Basket in the hospital. A month later, Nick was discharged to go home without a proper wheelchair. Nick contacted Triumph and, through our Exchange program, he was given a lightweight, loaner wheelchair. Nick then used the resources Triumph gave him to learn how to drive again using hand controls. He then applied for Triumph's Keep Moving Forward Grant for adapted driving equipment and returned to work. He now participates in many of our Adaptive Recreation programs and has taken a leadership role in our Support Group that meets near his home. Nick represents Triumph Foundation as an Ambassador, inspiring others that are newly paralyzed they can rebuild their lives too and reintegrate back into the community.
It's stories like Nick's - stories of lives restored - that encourage our hearts and instill a sense of duty to continue our work. They are made possible only through of the generosity of people like you. 
Please consider making a tax-deductible end-of-the-year donation to help continue our programs. Your generosity has changed so many lives, but many more are in need of the help you provide.

I hope your New Year is filled with love, laughter, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Thank you, 

Andrew Skinner
(661) 803-3700     

PS - Don't forget to make your donation by this Saturday, December 31st to get the full 2016 tax benefit. Your giving transforms lives, and we can't do it without you.

Christmas Outreach
Your support sent Triumph Ambassadors traveling over 2,000 miles to deliver Care Baskets to 67 people that recently became paralyzed at 15 hospitals and rehab centers in the last 3 weeks to bring resources and hope this Christmas.
You made a LOT of people smile this Holiday season!

And the Winner is...
The winner of our Princess Cruises Raffle is...Clover Masonry.

Thank you to Princess Cruises that donated a four-day Coastal Getaway Cruise in support of Triumph Foundation.  

We are so grateful to everyone who purchased raffle tickets to help us raise funds for a transport van.  

Thank you
As you reflect on the Holidays and look forward to the year ahead, just imagine if you had a spinal cord injury.

If you became paralyzed, what would you want?  You would want choices, freedom, and opportunity. You would want to be seen as a person, whose capability is far greater than your disability. 

You would need an organization like Triumph Foundation to help you adjust, discover quality of life, and pursue your dreams. 
Your donations ensure that we can continue our important work.
I hope Triumph has touched your heart as you continue to invest in our life-changing programs.  

We couldn't be more grateful to you.

Happy New Year, 

Andrew Skinner


September 5, 2016

What it is All About eNewsletter

July 22, 2016
Outreach Update

I was recently asked what makes Triumph Foundation different than other charities?

I thought for a moment, and replied that Triumph Foundation makes quality of life a reality for people dealing with paralysis.  We are a high impact, grass roots, non-profit organization.  We have kept our hearts in the right place, and just try to serve people. 

Triumph provides emotional, practical, and physical support programs.  

Read the outreach update below to see what your support enabled just in the last month.  I know we sent you an outreach update in June, but we are going BACK-TO-BACK eNewsletters.  This is what it is all about.

Triumph exists because of your generosity.  We don't have a rich uncle, daddy warbucks, big celebrity connections, or an institution that predominately funds us...yet.  We rely on people like you and our Let'em Roll fundraiser.

We can do all the good works in the world, but we need capital to fuel the engine.  Our Casino Night is what propels us forward. 

Your donation will help continue Triumph's critical support services.

Buy Tickets Now

Thank you for your support,

Andrew Skinner
(661) 803-3700

Keep Moving Forward Grants
One of our organization's biggest program expenses is our Keep Moving Forward Grants. Your donations to Triumph helps offset financial burdens for people living with SCI. Each month we give away thousands-of-dollars worth in assistance to people with spinal cord injury. Here are some of the highlights of people you've helped:

Rosa was involved in a car accident in 2010 leaving her a T9 paraplegic. She feels like she lost a part of herself when she lost the ability to go places on her own. She works two part time jobs and attends college. She has to rely on family, friends, and Access paratransit to get where she needs to go. Your support helped Rosa get one step closer to regaining her independence by providing her with drivers training at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center.

Aaron was injured in a snow boarding accident in 2013 leaving him with a complete spinal cord injury. He is unable to move his arms or legs but fortunately he is able to breath on his own. We hooked him up with a voice IR environmental control unit. Now he is capable of controlling his T.V., lights, and thermostat. 

Jessica is our Ballard Rehab Life Series Group leader. She was injured in 2003 from a roll over car accident suffering a C6-7 spinal cord injury. She credits her accident to helping her find purpose in life and making an impact on this world in a positive way. She gained a new lease on life. Her and her husband recently moved into a new house and they needed help modifying the bathroom. They widened the doorway, created a roll in shower, and installed a new sink and toilet. Their new bathroom will be fully accessible so Jessica can take care of herself independently. 

Care Basket Outreach
Our Care Baskets & Backpacks are the first line of support providing the injured person and their family with resources to guide their way. They are a tool-kit to help someone rebuild their life after becoming paralyzed. Triumph Ambassadors visit hospitals providing mentorship and bringing a message of hope to people that are newly injured. 

We met Jason recently after he suffered a C6-7 spinal cord injury while he was practicing his acrobatic skills. Jason is a professional gymnast and performance artist from Las Vegas.  While he was training on the cables and was suspended upside down they suddenly snapped causing him to fall and Jason broke his neck.  His friends helped him come out to Los Angeles to go to UCLA and plans to transfer to Casa Colina.  He is making an awesome recovery and we are excited to watch him triumph.
Triumph recently met Jacob who broke his neck in a diving accident. He lives in Guam and was going with family and friends to their favorite swimming spot. Without thinking he dove in like he had always done, but the water level was much shallower than normal and he went headfirst into the ground breaking his C5 vertebrae in his neck becoming a quadriplegic. At 17 years old he has a lot of life in front of him and we know that it is going to have a greater purpose than he ever imagined.
When populations are high at hospitals we hold an inpatient party so we can connect with everyone all together that way no-one slips through the cracks. Triumph Foundation visited Rancho Los Amigos Hospital to meet 8 people that recently suffered Spinal Cord Injury.  With our team of Ambassadors, we delivered our Care Backpacks full of resources.
Thank you to our Ambassadors for coming out to meet the newly injured people. We were all fortunate to have people who got injured before us be our mentors. We made a lot of friends that day that will last a lifetime and are the future of Triumph Foundation. It is all about paying it forward.

Home Modifications
Our goal is to minimize the obstacles that people face after suffering a spinal cord injury. One challenge that many people face after being injured is wheelchair accessibility at home. Most people never plan to spend a large part of their life using a wheelchair, so they are not prepared to deal with the challenges of accessibility that that requires. Triumph helps people with planning, consulting, referrals, and at times, performing accessible remodels. We know that having access is having freedom and independence.

Triumph Foundation met Caesar at Henry Mayo after he got into a car accident. He suffered a spinal cord injury becoming a quadriplegic.  We followed him along his journey to Rancho Los Amigos Hospital providing him mentorship and a Care Basket full of resources.  When it was time for him to come home, his family asked for help building ramps to give him access.  Triumph partnered with the men's group from Heart of the Canyons church.  The workers came out and built ramps to allow Caesar to come home.   

Roll On Capitol Hill
Triumph Foundation is proud to be the Golden State Chapter of the United Spinal Association.  Our founder, Andrew recently visited Washington DC and attended the 5th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill Legislative and Advocacy Conference to advocate for legislation that impacts people with disabilities. 
Roll on Capitol Hill is United Spinal's annual legislative advocacy event that addresses issues that impact the health, independence, and quality of life of individuals living with spinal cord injuries and disorders. He along with a group of others from California met with the states Congress members to discuss several pieces of legislation that matter to people with disabilities.

Learn More 

Women's Retreat
Triumph Foundation held it's 3rd annual Women's Retreat for wives, girlfriends, and partners of men with SCI. This year they went to Ventura and stayed at a beach resort. They spent the day socializing and discussing issues of having a significant other and companion who is paralyzed. Spinal cord injury doesn't just affect the person who is injured, it also affects their loved ones and people around them.

Cooking with our Veterans
Triumph Foundation held a wheelchair friendly cooking clinic and made lunch for around 20 veterans at the Long Beach VA hospital. Andrew, showed that even a quadriplegic is able to cook a good tasting, healthy, and nutritious meal. He and Triumph Ambassadors Walter, Erik, Luis, Jimmy, and Damon cooked up some food to feed the paralyzed vets and tried to inspire and challenge everyone in attendance to make better food choices and cook their own meals. We hope this is just the start to their post spinal cord injury culinary skills.

Casino Night Fundraiser

Join us at our Let'em Roll Casino Night on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Valencia, CA.  

Don't miss the BEST PARTY of the year that will include a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, Craps, Blackjack and Roulette; PLUS we will have Prime Rib Dinner, Music, Dancing, and a Silent Auction.

Not only is this event a lot of fun and great for a date night, it is a celebration of all that we've accomplished and is our main fundraiser of the year that supports our programs. It is not about the games, it is about the cause.
Watch the sizzle reel:

Thank you

There are so many more stories worth sharing...your support changes lives.

Even if you can't personally attend our fundraiser, please consider buying a ticket for someone who otherwise could not afford one.   

Make a Donation 
We are so thankful for your support,

Andrew Skinner

Best News All Day

July 2, 2016

Outreach Update

Last month Triumph held our Wheelchair Sports Festival and we had many people say it was the highlight of their year.  Watch the video

But I know many of you would argue that it is not the best event we put on.  The best is our Let'em Roll Casino Night!

Get ready for the party of the year on Saturday, July 30th!!

The event will feature Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament, Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette.  Plus Prime Rib Dinner, Dancing, and Silent Auction.  

All for only $100 if you buy your tickets before July 1st. It will be the best hundred bucks you spend all year.  Buy Tickets
Not only is the Casino Night fun and great for a date night, it is a celebration of all that we've accomplished and is our main fundraiser that supports our programs.  It is not about the games, it is about the cause. 
Read the Outreach Update below to see what you have made possible. It may be the best news you read all day. 

Even if you can't personally attend our fundraiser, please consider buying a ticket for someone who otherwise could not afford one.  

Thank you for your support,

Andrew Skinner
(661) 803-3700

Wheelchair Sports Festival

Our Wheelchair Sports Festival weekend had over 800 participants plus spectators and everyone had a chance to push the limits of their ability!  It was our BIGGEST EVENT EVER and we had many new people come out to play. 

Watch the video:

All of the events were a success; Diveheart held an amazing scuba diving program in the pool, participants in the WCMX rocked the skate park, people were challenged to race in our Powerchair Rodeo, many found their creative talents at our Artists for Trauma painting workshop, the Resource Fair increased awareness of community assets, and we opened many eyes and hearts to the number of people that live in our community with disabilities.  

The Wheelchair Sports Festival was an all inclusive, all fun, all safe, adapted athletics free-for-all. It doesn't get much better than that.
Check out Michael Hansel's pictures from Day 1 and Day 2

Paralympic Sport Club

Triumph Foundation is proud to announce that we have become the Paralympic Sport Club of Los Angeles.  This will allow us to develop our programs to help para-athletes participate in more sports and hopefully grow and nurture some future gold medalists!  

Click here for more information on Paralympic Sport Clubs

Care Basket Outreach

Our Care Baskets & Backpacks are the first line of support providing the injured person and their family with resources to guide their way. They are a tool-kit to help someone rebuild their life after becoming paralyzed. 
Brenda and her fiancé Darrack recently moved to California from the East coast to start their lives together. While 4 months pregnant, Brenda fell off the bed and broke her neck suffering a C4-6 spinal cord injury.  Thank God the baby is perfectly fine. She is getting good movement back on one side already and is getting better every day.  We pray for her recovery and health for the baby.
We met Terry, a software engineer from Venice Beach who recently had a procedure done during a operation on his neck that went wrong. He had damage to his spinal cord at the C5-6 level. He is getting a lot of return of function back and is able to walk a little already. He has a good attitude and a great support system with his girlfriend Anna, and we are optimistic about his transition home.
We met Michael who has a rare autoimmune disease who needed some rehab to regain strength.
Our ambassadors connect with patients at Rancho Los Amigos hospital to deliver Care Baskets.
We recently met Jose at Care Meridian's Oso House in Chatsworth who recently got into a car accident suffering an L2 spinal cord injury.  He is making a great recovery and is able to move his legs.  We plan to help him get the proper equipment to return home and regain mobility.
We met L.T. at Ballard Rehab. L.T. suffered a spinal cord injury from a gunshot wound while he was protecting a friend's house from a home invasion six months ago. We gave him a Care Backpack full of resources and information to help him rebuild his life.
We met Hank and his girlfriend Marissa at UC Irvine Medical Center. Hank was riding his motorcycle when someone pulled out in front of him crashing into his bike. He suffered multiple fractures including injury to his T4 vertebrae resulting in a spinal cord injury. He has an awesome attitude and a great support system. He is determined to ride again. We are excited to help him and Marissa transition back to life.
We met Leonard at Tustin Rehab. He recently suffered a spinal stroke suddenly becoming paralyzed. He has an awesome outlook on life and was grateful for a visit. He had lots of questions on normal activities of daily living and is anxious to get back to the good life of hanging out at home with his wife by the beach, drinking gin martinis and enjoying each day. We look forward to joining him for happy hour.

Equipment & Supply Exchange

Triumph Foundation helps repurpose old, used, and extra durable medical goods by giving them to people who are in need.  We call this our Equipment & Supply Exchange program. If you are in need or have items you'd like to donate, check out our website's Exchange to see what items are listed. 
Our friend Alfonzo is a frequent user of
our Exchange. He often uses it to find catheters and other urological supplies when his insurance won't cover enough to get him through the month.  Recently, while he was searching he saw a post by someone who was giving away two standing frames. Both were in need of work but Alfonzo was up for the challenge. 

He picked them up and spent time repairing them back into working condition. Keeping one standing frame for himself, he kept his eyes and ears open for someone else who was in need. 
A short time later he reconnected with 
his friend Rob who had been wanting for one for years but never was able to afford to purchase one. 

Alfonzo can say the rest:
"When I heard about (Rob's) situation I had to pay it forward and I gave him one of the standing frames that I got from the Exchange program. I took it to him, he was so happy, he hadn't really stood up since his accident four years ago. That made my day, that I can pay forward something that Triumph Foundation did by opening the Exchange program on there website.  From myself and Rob, thank you Triumph Foundation."

We met David at our Scripps Encinitas SCI Life Series Group. He has been injured just over 1 year and has gained a healthy amount of  weight back and had outgrown his wheelchair. He was very uncomfortable and looked awkward in a small wheelchair.  

Triumph came to the rescue.  We found him a loaner wheelchair that fits him much better and delivered it to him in San Diego.  He can keep it as long as he needs it. 

Nick Van Hecke was Athlete of the Year at our Wheelchair Sports Festival and helped us coach racquetball at the event.  He told us he has been looking for a better high performance wheelchair. His chair had seen some miles on it and Nick was looking for an upgrade.  It just so happened that our Ambassador Erik St. Amant had donated one of his old wheelchairs that was very aggressive and built for someone with good chair skills. Nick was a perfect match. 

Jaelynn is seven years old, a paraplegic, and lives in Montana. We received an email from her dad saying she was in need of a second wheelchair to use offroad to get around outside around their home in the country. Her dad was wondering if there was anyway we could help their family.  We had a small Zephyr wheelchair in our inventory that has been waiting for a good home. We shipped it out to Jaelynn and with some slight modifications by her dad, it fit perfectly and has some room for her to grow and use it for a number of years.   


Casino Night Fundraiser

You are invited to Triumph's Let'em Roll Casino Night Fundraiser on Saturday July 30, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Valencia.  The event will feature Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, Craps, Blackjack and Roulette. It will also include Prime Rib Dinner, Dancing, and Silent Auction. 

This is our main source of funds to support our programs.  Please help us carry on our outreach. 

We need sponsors and silent auction items.  

Thank you

Your support of these programs changes lives.  

If you liked what you read, please join us in celebration of life after spinal cord injury at our Let'em Roll Casino Night fundraiser.  Download the flyer
Please consider giving monthly to Triumph Foundation.  A small gift each month helps keep our focus on serving.  It is an easy and affordable way for you to invest in people with disabilities.  

We are so thankful for your support,

Andrew Skinner

Triumph Foundation becomes a Paralympic Sport Club!

May 13, 2016


Triumph Foundation is now a recognized Paralympic Sport Club with the United States Olympic Committee! As a Paralympic Sport Club we are dedicated to increasing awareness of Paralympic Sports AND to bring athletes into the "Paralympic Pipeline."

The Paralympic Games immediately follow the Olympic Games. They are an elite level international competition for athletes with physical and/or visual disabilities hosted in the same venue as the Olympic Games.

The primary objectives of Paralympic Sports Clubs include:

  • To develop community-based sports clubs that recruit and involve youth and adults with physical disabilities in sports and physical activity regardless of skill or interest level.
  • To develop a comprehensive, community-based Paralympic Sport Club network as a foundation for a Paralympic athlete pipeline.
  • To provide community-based sport program opportunities for injured service members to continue sport participation upon their release from Military Treatment Facilities.
  • To create a national, unified, community-based Paralympic Sport Club network that provides a "grass-roots" branding campaign to educate America on the opportunity and benefits inherent in sport and physical activity as practiced by persons with physical disabilities.

To find out more about the paralympics, visit


May 3, 2016

Karla's New Van

March 21, 2016

Triumph Foundation gave Karla a van last week. Karla is a mom, wife, a paraplegic, and one of Rancho Los Amigos hospital's outstanding peer mentors with the KnowBarriers program. She was injured when she was just a little 11-year-old girl, but she has gone on to live an incredible life that has made a tremendous impact on everyone that knows her. She tirelessly takes care of her family, brings her kids to school, and takes the bus to work every day. 

At our Christmas outreach party at Rancho we asked her why she didn't attend more of our events, and she explained her situation and how she wished she could get more involved but was limited due to her lack of transportation. 

Shortly after, Triumph received a donation of a van that had hand controls and thought of Karla. We had it repaired to be in the best condition possible and offered it to her. She said she was ready to start driving and embrace all the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. 

We hope that this will enable her to do more and make life a little easier for this extraordinary woman.

Wheelchair Sports Festival 2016

February 18, 2016

Princess Cruise Winner!

February 2, 2016
Princess Cruises donated a 5-day Getaway Cruise for two in a balcony stateroom for us to raffle off. 100% percent of the proceeds went towards Triumph Foundation. We sold 95 raffle tickets and held a reverse raffle ticket drawing at our last Christmas celebration mixer held at C.O.R.E., a rehabilitative center in Northridge. Every ticket was pulled out of a Santa Clause hat, and the last one to be pulled was the lucky ticket. 

The winner of our Princess Cruises Raffle is Mary Stefko!  Mary is 93 years young and said she couldn't remember really winning anything in her whole life. Goes to show you that if you keep at it, someday you will get your lucky ticket :-)  

Congratulations Mary you are going on a fabulous 5-day cruise! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and supported our fundraiser!

3 Ways You Can Make a Difference

December 1, 2015

Join the Movement & Give Back by supporting Triumph Foundation as we prepare for our annual Christmas Care Basket Outreach.

There are many ways you can give this holiday season, and so many worthy causes. Here are three easy ways you can help make a difference in the life of someone living with paralysis.

Help Fill our Care Baskets
One simple way to help Triumph Foundation is by supporting our Christmas Outreach. Go buy your favorite treats to include in our Care Baskets, join us for dinner on Thursday, or volunteer to help us assemble the Care Baskets this Saturday. This is an easy way that you can give to someone in need without breaking the piggy bank.

Princess Cruises Raffle 
Princess Cruises donated a 5-day Getaway Cruise (round-trip from Los Angeles) for two in a Balcony Stateroom for Triumph to raffle off! Support people living with paralysis by purchasing raffle tickets.  100% of proceeds support Triumph Foundation.

Use Amazon Smile to shop this Christmas
AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Triumph Foundation every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you'll find the exact same shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase to your favorite charity.

We Need Your Help With Our Christmas Care Baskets

November 25, 2015

Triumph eNewsletter- Happy Holidays! Help with Upcoming Christmas Outreach

November 25, 2015

Seasons Greetings!
It's that time of the year again!  Can you believe the Holidays are almost here?

Every Christmas season, Triumph goes to hospitals all over Southern California to visit people who've recently become paralyzed to deliver Care Baskets full of resources, have a party, and bring a message of hope.  

As you can imagine, it is hard for anyone to be in the hospital after suffering a Spinal Cord Injury, but it is particularly difficult when you are in the hospital for the holidays.  When I got hurt, I spent my Christmas in the hospital, so it is near and dear to my heart.    

We will be going to more than a dozen hospitals and rehabilitation centers this year and will be giving out more than 75 Care Baskets and we need you to get involved!

Below are six ways you can help: 

Care Basket 
Our Care Baskets include lots of goodies to sweeten someone's hospital stay and to cheer them up.  

We need donations of store bought goodies like candy, popcorn, & treats. If you like to knit or sew we love to include handmade blankets and scarves.  And we are collecting small presents too.  

This is a chance to give to someone in need without breaking the piggy bank.  

We need people to help us bake some REAL holiday cheer.   

We are hoping some of you will make cookies, brownies, cakes, and sweets to bring to the hospitals. 

 Let us know if you are interested so we can coordinate a day to have you bake and deliver them to us right before one of our hospital visits so it is fresh.

Sign up to Bake

Eat-for-a-Cause Fundraiser
Thursday December 3rd from 5-10 PM we are holding a fundraiser at the Route 66 Classic Grill located at 
8730 Soledad Canyon Rd. 
Canyon Country, CA 91351.

Join us for dinner, and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Triumph.  Plus we will have a Silent Auction, and itwill be a fun get together for the holiday. This is a perfect time to drop off the goodies for our Care Baskets.  
Care Basket Building Night

Triumph will be holding a Care Basket building party on Saturday December 5 from 4 - 7 PM in Santa Clarita.   


We will need a dozen able-body volunteers to be our elves filling up the baskets full of resources, goodies, treats, and presents.   

Win a Princess CruisesGetaway
Purchase a $100 raffle ticket for your chance to win a 5 Day Getaway Cruise (round-trip from Los Angeles) for two in a balcony stateroom and help support people living with paralysis.  
Raffle winner will be drawn on Tuesday December 22nd. 
Winner need not be present. 
Make a Tax-Deductible Donation
Triumph relies solely on your generous contributions to continue our outreach programs. Please make an end-of-the-year charitable donation  
Triumph Foundation  
17186 Hickory Ridge Ct.  
Santa Clarita, CA 91387 

Make a one-time gift or give monthly  
I hope you can help make this year's Christmas Care Basket Outreach a success!  I will keep you updated on all these events.  Please share this letter with anyone who may be interested in getting involved with Triumph Foundation.  

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, and Triumph Foundation has much to be thankful for this holiday season.  We are so blessed to have your support.   

I trust you are all ready to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!  

Happy Holidays,

Andrew Skinner 

Triumph eNewsletter- What would you do?

November 16, 2015
Your support has enabled Triumph to meet needs across the spectrum for people with disabilities in Southern California. The disabled population is the fastest-growing minority that anyone can become apart of at anytime.

What would you do if something happened to you? If God forbid, you found yourself dealing with paralysis? What would you need? Would you know where to turn? What does your insurance cover? How would you get necessary items? Look around your home, would it be wheelchair accessible? What kind of opportunities would you have?

Because of your support, Triumph Foundation helps answer some of these questions for people who suffer spinal cord injury/disorders.

Read our outreach update below. Imagine if you were in a similar situation, at least you would know where to turn, to contact Triumph.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help continue our programs. Make a one-time donation or give monthly

Your generosity has changed so many lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

You made all this happen,

Andrew Skinner 
(661) 803-3700 

Providing Resources

Care Basket Outreach

If you got hurt, what would need?  Where would you turn?  Most people have no idea, lost in a world they never dreamed they'd become part of, they are submerged into the unknown. Our Care Baskets are the first-line of support providing the injured person and their family with resources to guide their way.  They are like a tool-kit to help someone rebuild their life after spinal cord injury.  The baskets are also filled with goodies and gifts to make their hospital stay a little easier and sweeter.
Triumph ambassadors visit hospitals bringing Care Baskets and a message of hope to people that are newly injured.  We recently gave away half a dozen Care Baskets at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center.  We met John who broke his neck when he dove in to Lake Havasu and hit a sand bar suffering a C-6 spinal cord injury. He is making a great recovery getting lots of return function in his arms and has a terrific family that supporting him. We look forward to watching him continue to get stronger and better each day.

We met Darnell who has been struggling with impairment for quite some time. He recently had a surgery that caused an increase in his paralysis. We helped him deal with this emotionally and also gave him some practical advice on how to get assistance at home.
We met Clifford and his wife. In February, he had a freak accident when he passed out in the bathroom and fell into the bath tub suffering a C4-5 incomplete spinal cord injury. So scary how fast life can change.
We met Chris who had recently suffered a SCI. He and his wife Julie had amazing attitudes, ready to make the most out of life ahead. They were ecstatic about getting a Care Basket and to be welcomed into the Triumph family. Sadly, Chris had sudden health complications and passed away shortly after we met. This is a reminder of how every moment of life counts, the greatest gifts in life are relationships, and to cherish the time we are given with one another.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Julie and their family. May God bless them.

Your support brought Triumph to Long Beach Memorial hospital, where we met Steve and gave him a Care Basket to help make some of the unknown, known. Steve was the victim of a gunshot wound when he was riding his bike to the store and he was caught in the crossfire of two gangs. He has a great heart and attitude as he transitions into this new beginning.
We met Omar at Topanga Terrace an assisted living facility in Chatsworth. Omar got hurt three years ago in a car accident becoming a C6/7 quadriplegic. He woke up from a coma inside this facility. He has never really connected with anyone with a spinal cord injury, and he's never had a proper wheelchair. We are blown away by Omar's positive attitude, his faith in God, and his potential. Our plan is to get him a power wheelchair and help him start to reintegrate back into the community. 

Rancho Outreach

Your support helped bring Care Baskets to 15 people who recently had spinal cord injury at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. The inpatients were treated to a party that started with a group discussion where Triumph Ambassador's gave a message of hope and encouragement, a pizza lunch and lots of home baked treats for dessert, a raffle where everyone won a prize, and then a Care Basket to take home. The most important thing they received was a lesson that you, supporters of Triumph Foundation, have the most generous and caring hearts that are willing to contribute to their efforts to triumph.
Once everyone got settled, Andrew started off by sharing his testimony, followed by several other ambassadors that shared a message of hope and support to those that were newly injured. After our group discussion, our ambassadors went and met each and every person that was newly injured. Triumph's Ambassadors made sure to connect with everyone, including friends and family. SCI doesn't just affect the person who gets hurt, it affects the whole community.
Your support helped us get pizza for the inpatients which was a nice change from the hospital food. We also had a raffle where everyone won a present like gift cards, T-shirts, blankets, hats, and other fun items.

Everyone left with a Care Basket to bring to their room.  The Care Baskets include resources like equipment catalogs, magazines for the disabled community, brochures on rehabilitation facilities, information on services and adapted products, as well as lots of practical products like shampoo, hand sanitizer, and other cosmetic items that come in handy when you're in the hospital. Plus, we put lots of treats to sweeten up someone's life.
At the end of the party everyone had a big smile. We are thrilled to contribute even just a little bit to someone's ability to triumph after spinal cord injury.  We hope these will be the next ambassadors for Triumph Foundation's hospital outreach.  Your support made it possible for us to bring a message of hope and deliver items that will bring cheer and encouragement. 

We are so blessed to have your support that makes events like this possible.

Getting Necessary Items

Equipment & Supply Exchange

What does your insurance cover?  Most people have no idea. That line item in your policy called Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is often overlooked, or people think "I don't need this; I've got crutches in the garage," or "if I needed something, my neighbor has an old wheelchair I could borrow."  If you became paralyzed, those items wouldn't suffice.  How would you get necessary items? 
Triumph helps people with inadequate DME coverage (or worse no health insurance) get wheelchairs, shower benches, commodes, and other essential items.  Here are some highlights.
We gave Gerald a wheelchair when he was discharged from Rancho Los Amigos. In 2012 he moved to LA to pursue acting an career. Unfortunately on July 19, that dream was altered by the nightmare caused from a fall off his balcony of about 15ft. This fall caused a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. Gerald is on the road to recovery, but when he was ready to go home from the hospital, he did not have a wheelchair.  Triumph gave him one to keep him rolling.
We helped Corey with a loaner wheelchair while his is being built by his insurance. When he was discharged from the hospital he was sent home in a large hospital style wheelchair that was not meant to be pushed. Our Ambassador Dean Maccabe came to the rescue getting him a Triumph loaner wheelchair that will make him more independent until he gets his own.
Triumph gave a wheelchair to Nick who got into a bad motorcycle accident a couple months ago suffering a spinal cord injury becoming a paraplegic. His insurance wouldn't cover a decent lightweight wheelchair which severely hindered his mobility. We were able to give him a nice chair to use to give him the independence he's going to need to triumph. He has a great attitude and is determined to make the best recovery possible. Nick lives in the Antelope Valley which is where we want to start our next SCI Life Series Group. We are counting on him to be one of our future leaders.
At our Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament we held an equipment and supply gathering. One of the spectators that attended was a nice woman named Maggie that recently had a stroke.  We met her son José at Valley View Elementary School where we were there helping a young girl that goes to their outpatient rehab. He wanted to learn more about what kinds of options are available for his mom. We noticed that she was in a transport chair that she could not propel on her own.  We had received a powerchair donation that we thought would work perfect for her. We sat her in it and it fit her just right. She ended up taking it home giving her the freedom and independence to go wherever she pleases!
Consider making a gift to continue this vital recovery assistance

Keep Moving Forward Grants

Look around your home, would it be wheelchair accessible? How do you modify your vehicle? How would you afford all the expenses? On average, it costs more than $1 million in medical expenses in the first year after spinal cord injury. 
Your donations to Triumph helps offset some of these burdens for people with SCI through our Keep Moving Forward Grant program. In 2015 Triumph Foundation gave away around $40,000 worth of financial assistance to people with spinal cord injury.

Here are some highlights of people you've recently helped:
We helped David who was the victim of a carjacking while he was working as a truck driver and was shot. We were contacted by the Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center's social workers to see if we can help him and his wife Shawn.  David was unable to go home because he had steps in front of his house and access issues inside.  We helped him get two ramps for his house and necessary commode/shower chair for his bathroom.

We assisted a gentleman named Ron who was injured when he went to his doctor for an epidural shot in his cervical vertebrae in his neck that went horribly wrong causing him to become paralyzed with little movement in his upper extremities. We met Ron and his wife Bonnie at Northridge Hospital. We developed a relationship at the weekly SCI Support Group, giving him a Care Backpack. We are now helping him transition out of a skilled nursing facility by building him a ramp to get inside his home and make other accommodations.
Another recent grant recipient was Sharon. She was injured four years ago when she was 18 years old.  She fell off a four-story balcony breaking her neck suffering a C-5, 6, 7 spinal cord injury becoming a quadriplegic . She made an amazing recovery and has grown into an amazing woman that lives a very active lifestyle. However she still needed help from her mom to drive her. She received a KMF Grant to help pay for drivers training so she can be even more independent and pursue her goal to go to medical school.

Triumph gave a Keep Moving Forward Grant to help Kim get a shower chair, wheels, tires, and other necessary items for activities of daily living. Kim, who lives in Michigan, was injured while riding an ATV 30 years ago suffering a spinal cord injury and becoming a C-5, 6 quadriplegic. Kim has found a way to make ends meet, but has been using the same equipment for years and he desperately needed to replace these necessary items that have deteriorated. In his state, Medicaid does not cover his durable medical equipment or supplies. Medicare also does not cover bathroom equipment. He found us through his local United Spinal chapter, which directed him to Triumph. We are glad we could help. 

Providing Opportunities

Over-the-Line Baseball 

If you had a physical impairment, you would want to still find ways to be active.  Triumph holds adapted recreational events to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

We recently held our 2nd Annual Wheelchair Over-the-Line Baseball Tournament. 
Over-the-Line is a modified baseball game where players form small teams, attempt to hit a ball "over the line" into fair territory without their opponents catching it, and keep score. There is a bracket where teams will have to win their way to the championship.

Congratulations to our 2015 Tournament Champions!   

Adapted Shooting Clinic

Triumph had an amazing Adapted Shooting Event with 7 Star Tactical at Angeles Shooting Range. We had over a dozen wheelchair shooters. Every participant got a chance to shoot an assortment of rifles, shotguns, and handguns; regardless of their physical limitations.
7 Star supplied expert instruction, a wide array of firearms, plenty of ammo, and adapted devices. The program's objective is to teach basic gun safety, build confidence in people that have physical impairment, and increase self-efficacy.

Triumph and 7 Star ensured the shooting was conducted professionally and with proven safety-first attention.
Too often people with disabilities live sedentary lifestyles; they are sometimes obstructed from participation in many sports. Marksmanship is a transcending skill; making this sport a level playing ground for able-body individuals and people living with paralysis.   

Raising Awareness

Edwards Air Force Base

If you were disabled, you would want to increase community understanding.  

Triumph Foundation works to educate the general public about spinal cord injury, people living with disabilities, inclusiveness, and persevering through life's challenges. Triumph specializes in motivating and inspiring all to live a life of purpose.

For the last three years, Triumph has been invited out to Edwards Air Force Base in October for Disability Awareness month. This year, Andrew was invited to speak at 412th Test Wing National Disability Employment Awareness Month luncheon.

The base is looking to increase their hiring of people with disabilities. 
Search their listings for career opportunities
It is always an honor to be invited to support our military.

Your Support is Needed

Win a Princess Cruises Getaway!

Princess Cruises donated a 5-day Getaway Cruise (round-trip from Los Angeles) for two in a balcony stateroom for Triumph to raffle off! Make an end-of-the-year donation to support people living with paralysis by purchasing raffle tickets. 
Raffle Ticket Price: $100 Donation Each 100% of the proceeds go towards Triumph Foundation. 
We will be holding a reverse raffle ticket drawing on Tuesday December 22, 2015 at our Christmas celebration mixer held at C.O.R.E., a rehabilitative center in Northridge. Everyone is invited (winner need not be present). 
*Prize is cruise fare only and does not include airfare, transportation fees, on board charges such as bar, gratuities, gift shop purchases, shore excursions, government fees, port charges, transfers, or any other personal expense. Selected date is subject to availability. May not be traded for an alternative cruise destination.

Christmas Outreach

Our end of the year Christmas outreach is just around the corner. We will be hosting our annual Eat-for-a-Cause fundraiser, a basket building party, and be visiting over a dozen hospitals to spread some holiday cheer to those that are newly injured and spending the holidays in rehab.

We will need lots of help!  Your support is needed.

More details coming soon!
If you became paralyzed, you would want choices, freedom, and opportunity.  You would want to be seen as a person, whose capability was far greater than your disability.  You would need an organization like Triumph to help you pursue your dreams.

We are the club no one wants to join, but once you are in, you are family.
Because of your support, Triumph has become a force in the community that is a lifeline to people living with paralysis. You have helped us become the go-to organization in Southern California for the injured person and their family - not just upon onset, but as a lifelong support network.

I know this was a long newsletter, but we didn't even tell you all the stories!  Follow us on Facebook for more updates

All of our outreach is only made possible because of the generosity of people like you.  We are eternally grateful for your contributions.
I hope to see all of you at our upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Until then,  
Andrew Skinner

Over-the-Line Tournament

October 27, 2015

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, Triumph Foundation held its 2nd Annual Wheelchair Over-the-Line Baseball Tournament at the Barry A. Sanders Sport Field located at Lake Balboa Park 6300 Balboa Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91316.

Over-the-Line is a modified baseball game where players form small teams, attempt to hit a ball "over the line" into fair territory without their opponents catching it, and keep score. There is a bracket where teams will have to win their way to the championship.

Click here for more pictures

Triumph is Rising From The Ashes! eNewsletter

September 17, 2015
Hi Everyone,  

Happy National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month! In honor of this, we are proud to update everyone on Triumph Foundation's efforts to carry on after the devastating fire to help people that are paralyzed. 
Our Let'em Roll Casino Night in July was an AMAZING success.  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our fundraiser. Below is a video and pictures highlighting the evening. 

Check out the outreach update below and mark your calendars for our upcoming events.
Triumph is on a roll and rising from the ashes!  

Andrew Skinner 
(661) 803-3700 


We premiered this video at our Casino Night fundraiser showcasing all our outreach in the last year.  This is what you made possible:

Casino Night Success 

Our Let'em Roll Casino Night on July 18th celebrated life after spinal cord injury and raised funding to continue helping people that are dealing with paralysis. Needless to say, this was not a typical gala event; it was FUN, inspirational, and its proceeds will transform lives. Everyone had a great time and supported a great cause.

Check out the video and pictures:
Click Here For More Pictures

Click Here For Photo-Booth Pictures

National SCI Awareness Month #MORETHANMYCHAIR

September is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. Triumph started a viral hashtag (#) campaign to help celebrate, using #morethanmychair.
Our idea is simple: we are having people with SCI post pictures of themselves doing fun activities on various social media sites putting #morethanmychair in the caption. Too often the general population think people that live with paralysis are confined to their wheelchairs and live a life of sedentary. This campaign's mission is to smash those stereotypes by showcasing pictures of wheelchair users doing things outside of their four wheels.
The campaign will take place throughout the month of September, but hopefully the message that we are, in fact, more than our chairs, will resonate beyond.

Care Basket

In the recent fire, Triumph Foundation lost so many of our assets, but our biggest loss were all the Care Baskets & Backpacks.  We had just built over 50 of these care packages and had plans to visit several hospitals.  We have carried on with the few that we had remaining and still made many bedside hospital visits without the baskets by delivering our Wristband Flashdrive, brochure, and mentorship. 
Cal State Channel Islands Alumni Association hooked up Triumph with a bunch of goodies for our Care Baskets. We are blessed to have their support. We will be building 50 baskets this weekend and then 100 in November for our Christmas Outreach. Let us know if you are interested in gathering items, helping us build the baskets, or would like to contribute.

With the remaining baskets that survived the fire, we have carried on visiting hospitals.  At Northridge Hospital we met Ron Zannini and his wife Bonnie. After the weekly SCI Support Group, a group of us went down to visit to give him a Care Backpack in his room. We look forward to staying connected and helping him rebuild his life.

We also met with Damian who was recently injured as a firefighter when a tree suddenly fell breaking his back leaving him a paraplegic. He is making a remarkable recovery at Northridge Hospital's rehab.  Damien and his wife Clara and their son are working to put their life back together. We gave him a Care Basket full of resources to help them make the best decisions as he works to triumph over the obstacles he is facing. They are a great family, and this injury is pulling them all together. We are excited to watch him progress on the road to recovery.

Northridge Hospital is our un-official base were we also met Dennis, who was in a horrific motorcycle accident that broke nearly every bone in his body, including his thoracic vertebrae that left him dealing with a spinal cord injury. He is regaining quite a bit of function in his lower extremities and we hope to see him walk out of rehab. However, his insurance is insufficient not providing him with a wheelchair, so Triumph is giving him a chair to help him maximize his independence.

Craig Hospital in Denver, CO is one of the premier SCI rehabilitation centers. We have connected with people that have gone through their program, and are working to set up a Triumph Division in that area. One of our success stories, Donnie Keibler who we met a few years ago when he was initially injured, was going there to have a procedure done. We sent him with a Care Backpack to deliver to a young man that recently got injured. His family reached out for our help when he returns home to Southern California. We are proud to say that we lived up to our motto of meeting people where they are at.

We are rebuilding our Care Baskets to continue this important outreach.  We are rising from the ashes in triumph! 

Keep Moving Forward Grants

Triumph provides financial assistance through our Keep Moving Forward Grant program to help people with financial constraints and inadequate health insurance get necessary equipment, supplies, and services.  Here are some highlights of people we've recently helped:

We helped Alex Romero get a new wheelchair basketball chair.  Alex was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2002 at the T5 level. He never thought he would ever play sports again, but a few years after his injury he was introduced to wheelchair basketball, and has been playing ever since. He plays for the Hotwheels and won the championship last year.  Alex got a partial amount granted from Challenged Athletes Foundation
and needed the rest to be able to afford the wheelchair. It is lighter and will be much easier for him to maneuver around the court and it will help him be a better player.

Alanna is involved with the sport of para-dressage. Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport, that is occasionally referred to as "Horse Ballet". Para-dressage is the only equestrian discipline in the Paralympic Games.  When Alanna was diagnosed with a chronic neurological disease, she discovered para-dressage and found her passion. We gave Alanna a grant to attend The Carlisle Academy's Para-Equestrian Pipeline Training camp in Lyman, Maine to pursue her passion in sport that has been so therapeutic helping her gain strength, coordination, and mobility.
David Washington was injured when he was 18 years old, as a passenger in a car accident and suffered a L1-L2 spinal cord injury. He graduated in 2003, from California Institute of Arts, with a degree in character animation and has a love and passion for art. David needs 20 more art pieces to complete his portfolio. So Triumph gave him a grant to purchase the necessary art supplies in order for him to finish his portfolio. Once completed his work will be exhibited at a gallery art show. Stay tuned for more information on his art show once he is finished with his paintings.
Hobal Grajeda involved in a motorcycle accident in 2008 where he sustained a T6 spinal cord injury as well as paralysis to his left shoulder and arm. He is currently studying to become a state certified judicial interpreter, but photography and video are his passions. He has also studied TV/Film Production and is a freelance video editor and photographer. Video editing and photography are his only sources of income at the moment and without a computer he is unable to work and earn money. Triumph gave Hobal a grant to purchase a new computer for his photography and video editing business. Having a new computer will allow him to take more jobs and help him to become financially independent.

Support Groups

Triumph holds Life Series SCI Support Groups that meet every week at various locations all over Southern California.The meetings address both practical and emotional needs of people living with paralysis. Many people feel alone and isolated after they get hurt. The Support Groups enable injured persons and their families to network, get candid advice and mentorship from others who have faced similar circumstances, and stay updated on current events. 
Here is a full list of times and locations. If you would like to attend, email us to sign up for the meeting near you.
Ballard Rehab meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month.  We recently went bowling and we frequently have special group topics and featured presenters. We had Ability Center in San Bernardino come discuss adapted driving systems, driver's training, the steps to get your driver's license, and the different ways to purchase a vehicle to get back on the road.
Our St. Jude group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  We recently had trainers Josh Salic and Jason Wanstreet from Strides SCI Functional Fitness visit and share about functional fitness. Strides is a new training facility providing people living with spinal cord injuries and paralysis the means to increase the ability to perform activities of daily living. 

Land Meets Sea Camp Clinics

Triumph Foundation was involved with Casa Colina Rehabilitation  Hospital's annual Land Meets Sea Camp in Long Beach. The event featured water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, handcycling, and a bunch of wheelchair sports. Triumph helped put on the quad rugby and hockey clinics. Everyone had a great time!
This is one of the best events all year long for our community.
So thankful for Casa Colina's Outdoor Adventures, USARCRAMP, and all the volunteers for putting this on.


Every month Triumph organizes a handcycling clinic, bringing six bikes for people to try out and ride. We invite friends and family members to join in and share the experience to not only enjoy the activity, but gain an insight and understanding into the different disabilities. Click here to sign up to join us for our next ride
Here are some pictures from our August handcycling clinic out in Ventura where we had around 40 people join us to ride by the beach and BBQ.

Save The Date - Over The Line Baseball

Saturday, October 24, 2015, Triumph Foundation is planning our 2nd Annual Wheelchair Over-the-Line Baseball Tournament.
Over-the-Line is a modified baseball game where players form small teams, attempt to hit a ball "over the line" into fair territory without their opponents catching it, and keep score. There will be a bracket where teams will have to win their way to the championship.     

Only a limited number of people can play so sign up now.  Click here to register

More details will be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates!
All of our outreach is only made possible because of the generosity of people like you.  We are eternally grateful for your contributions.
I hope to see all of you at our 2nd Annual Over-The-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament.

Until then,  

Andrew Skinner