SCI Related Magazines

New Mobility

Free with membership of NSCIA. NM magazine stories foster a sense of community and empowers readers.  They encourage the integration of active-lifestyle wheelchair users into mainstream society, while simultaneously reflecting the vibrant world of disability-related arts, media, advocacy and philosophy.

Paraplegic News brings the wheelchair community of pertinent practical news and information.

SPORTS 'N SPOKES is a bimonthly publication produced by the Paralyzed Veterans of America that reports on competitive sports and recreation for wheelchair users.
The Hub is Southern California’s voice for the active wheelchair community. The Hub serves a large and active market. Southern California, is home to America’s most dynamic community of people with disabilities. The colorful and entertaining monthly magazine celebrates this region’s large and diverse disability population with news, features and commentary.  The goal of the Hub is to empower our readership toward full participation in the SoCal lifestyle, and to showcase products and services to help readers optimize their choices.  FREE subscription.

Disabled Dealer

Disabled Dealer Magazine brings people with disabilities complete access to new and pre-owned adaptive equipment, services, resources, and news articles.

Challenge Magazine

Challenge Magazine is a publication of Disabled Sports USA, providing adaptive sports information to adults and children with disabilities, including those who are visually impaired, amputees, spinal cord injured (paraplegic and quadriplegic), and those who have multiple sclerosis, head injury, cerebral palsy, autism and other related intellectual disabilities. From those learning adaptive sports for the first time to disabled athletes on the US Paralympic team, Challenge Magazine encourages anyone with a disability to participate in sports!

DT Network Magazine
DT Network is a revolutionary new way to bring our community together to Discover New People, Products and Places.

Active Living Magazine

Venture Travel

Venture magazine is your guide to accessible travel, filled with interesting people, exciting destinations, and articles.

Triumph Foundation does not officially endorse any products or stores mentioned on this website. These recommendations are based off the opinions of many people involved with Triumph Foundation. These websites provide knowledge about a wide variety of products and services to keep people with special needs informed about what is available to them.

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