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Andrew Skinner octubre 25, 2017 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Actualización de Triumph Outreach

The cornerstone of our outreach is providing Care Backpacks full of resources to newly injured individuals throughout Southern California. Suffering a spinal cord injury is a life-changing event and our goal at Triumph is to provide a continuum of care to make the transition out of the hospital to home as smooth as possible.

Los embajadores de Triumph visitan al hospital a personas que recientemente han sufrido una lesión o un trastorno que les ha causado parálisis. Brindamos tutoría para ayudar a las personas recientemente lesionadas a reconstruir sus vidas. Nuestras cestas / mochilas de atención incluyen información práctica sobre equipos, servicios, organizaciones, programas de asistencia y actividades que existen para ayudar a las personas con una lesión de la médula espinal a lograr el mejor resultado de salud posible y maximizar su calidad de vida después de la lesión. Los paquetes de atención también incluyen pequeños obsequios, artículos de tocador, productos para el cuidado personal y golosinas comestibles para facilitar la vida en el hospital durante este momento de adversidad.

Below are just a few of the people that your support has helped us reach this past month.

We met Lee and his wife Chana at our Northridge Hospital Support Group. They live in Bakersfield. One day Lee was playing basketball with a group of friends. During the game he collided with one of his friends playing on the opposite team and fell, breaking his neck. He suffered a C7 Spinal Cord Injury. We gave Lee a Care Backpack. He has a great family support system, a good attitude and he is looking forward to getting discharged home so he can move on and start the next chapter of his life.






Mary had complications with a surgery back in August and is now a paraplegic. We connected with her at Scripps Rehabilitation Hospital in Encinitas. Mary is looking to get back to work in the new year and we are excited to help her pursue this goal.










We met Abel at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Hospital. He suffered a Spinal Cord Injury due to a malignant tumor on his spinal cord. He is working hard on his recovery in rehab and was happy to receive a Care Backpack full of information and resources to help him rebuild his life.


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  • Joe Davison dice:

    I would love to receive a backpack..
    Thank you.. And will tell new people I may meet..

    • triumph-admin dice:

      At this time our Care Backpacks are for newly injured patients we meet at local Southern California hospitals. If you’re in need of specific resources or information take a look at our ‘Resources’ section of our website. Or feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have. Thanks!

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