Círculo completo: la asistencia para el empleo es la cuarta pieza fundamental del "Círculo de atención" de Triumph

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Moving Forward with Employment

When we think about our outreach, our goal is to help people from the beginning of their journey, through the ups and downs, and to give them the fuel they need to be productive and find themselves again.

That's why we help people pursue their dreams through our Employment Assistance Program, the fourth piece of Triumph's "Circle of Care."

Back to Normal?
Let me talk for a minute about how this program relates to the COVID-19 situation. For most of us, we see this crisis as something to fix. We look to government or the medical community to set us free so we can go back to life as usual. Right?

But when this crisis is over, we probably won't go "back to normal." The world will be forever changed. This is truly a new beginning.

People like you and I, however, have an advantage. Due to our own personal experiences with trauma, we should understand this reality instinctively. Many of us have experienced a traumatic event that demonstrated how fragile "normal life" really is.

But did our story end with our adversity? NO. Did life return to the old normal? NO WAY!! We had to adjust. We had to keep moving forward. We had to reinvent ourselves.

We've proven to ourselves that we can endure. We can do this!

Your Road to Reinvention
Whether you have a disability or if you're a supporting family member, whether you are a donor, volunteer, or ambassador, we are rooting for you on your road to reinvention.

As we enter a post-Coronavirus world, you get another chance to re-invent yourself. This could be a golden opportunity to pursue your dreams in a whole new way!

If you have SCI, Triumph's Employment Achievement Award might just be your ticket! We provide career coaching and financial assistance to help you return to work or increase workplace success. The goal is to help you excel as a productive member of the community.

Below, we're highlighting one of our award recipients and give you details on how you can get help to make your dreams come true.

Asistencia de empleo

Employment Achievement Award Recipient

Triumph is proud to announce a new recipient of our Employment Achievement Award: Jessica Brito

Jessica has long been a leader in our SCI community as a peer mentor. She has been working in the field of mental health since 2014 helping a diverse population.

Jessica se convirtió recientemente en trabajadora social clínica con licencia y deseaba comenzar su propia práctica privada especializada en transiciones de vida. Con el premio Employment Achievement Award, Triumph la ayudó a establecer su LLC con el estado y le proporcionó algunos de los costos iniciales necesarios.

Jessica brinda a las personas estrategias de afrontamiento para vivir en el presente, siendo consciente del futuro y aceptando el pasado. Estamos orgullosos de recomendar a la gente a su nuevo negocio, ayudando a más personas a triunfar sobre sus obstáculos personales.

Para más información, visite su página web:

She has such an amazing story, watch her video below.

You Could Be Next

Need help with your employment goals?

Apply for our Employment Achievement Award!

Triumph provides one-on-one career coaching and will award up to $5,000 to help someone within our SCI community with their vocational pursuits.

Funding can be used to help you obtain a job, achieve more success at your current employment, or start an entrepreneurial venture.

We want to be a job creator, helping you put your talents to work, to pursue your dreams, get off government assistance, and contribute to the community.

Click here for more information on how you can apply

Application submissions are due May 10, 2020.


This Tuesday, May 5th is #GivingTuesdayNow, an emergency response to support local nonprofit organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the economic downturn, some of our most generous supporters are unable to help with a significant gift this year.

We could use your support now more than ever. If you're in a position to give, please consider donating whatever amount you can.

We rely on your generosity to help people like Jessica achieve their dreams.

¡Estamos muy agradecidos por ti!

Si usted o alguien que conoce necesita ayuda, comuníquese con nosotros.

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