Treasure Hunt #2 – Freedom to Roll

Andrew Skinner octubre 31, 2018 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Actualización de Triumph Outreach

This week I'm sharing with you treasures highlighting our recent outreach. It is my prayer that each new email will enrich you.

Your second video treasure chest is the gift of Freedom & Independence!

Freedom to Roll

One the greatest freedoms in life is being able to drive. Having a vehicle is almost a necessity these days to be independent.

Occasionally, Triumph receives the gift of a car, and we bless someone in our SCI community by giving them the keys and signing over the pink slip. Your support helped give Oscar and Ryan the car of their dreams to start driving.

Enjoy treasure chest #2:

There are two more videos to come so make sure you set aside some time to watch them.

Thank you for sharing your treasure to make these stories possible.

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