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Andrew Skinner julio 21, 2020 News, Triumph Outreach Update

There's a great story in scripture that encourages you and me to take action and care for those suffering with great needs. This is what I see our volunteers doing every day.

It's no small task to put on a 2-day sporting event for a couple thousand people, or to assemble hundreds of care packages in one day. We couldn't do it all without our faithful volunteers.

The focus of our outreach events is to bring the entire community together as family. And our volunteers are a critical part of this Inclusive Community.

So who are our Volunteers?

They're our spouses, families, friends, loved ones, neighbors, school mates, and work buddies. They're students from CSUN, American Career Collage, West Coast University, Cal State L.A. and schools across the region.

They're medical workers, first responders, and physical therapists who love what they do so much they want to help even on the weekend.

Everyone plays a part in building this Inclusive Community. And each one is a member of the Triumph family.

When I think about volunteers, it makes me emotional, because I love and appreciate you all so much.

If you're one of those incredible volunteers who gives your time and talents to serve with Triumph, I want to personally thank you for making our community so vital and valuable to the people we serve. THANK YOU!

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Thank You

Your Summertime support of Triumph Foundation changes lives.

Even though our Let'Em Roll fundraiser has been postponed, we still need your help. We rely heavily on the donations given during the Summer months to serve people with paralysis all year long.

Will you please help us serve the Triumph Family with a generous gift today?

We are so thankful for you!

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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