Viaje al oro paralímpico - Dean Maccabe - Profesionales de la movilidad

Andrew Skinner 10 de junio de 2020 Noticias, Notable, Patrocinio

Dean Maccabe has been one of our Lead Ambassador’s from day one. We've often called him the peer-mentor’s peer-mentor, because he's taught everyone so much, making a tremendous impact on many lives.

Watch his video Journey to Paralympic Gold below:

These are trying times for everyone, especially the small businesses that work so hard to support our SCI community. We need to make sure we take care of the companies that take care of us, like Mobility Professionals.

Don, Dean and the entire staff at Mobility Professionals have been great supporters of Triumph Foundation and the whole disability community in Southern California.

If you’re getting your catheters and medical supply shipments from a company that's not supporting Triumph Foundation, YOU need to switch.

Please consider using Profesionales de la movilidad.

At Mobility Professionals, they know you - and the needs of our SCI community - when you call the office you’ll always get a live person to help you with your needs. Mobility Professionals will do all the work for you to switch. They will verify your insurance, contact your doctor to obtain the necessary paperwork and ship your 30 or 90 day catheter supply order to your doorstep on time and take care of you.

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Dean Maccabe en [email protected] 714-293-5499

Support companies that support our #TriumphFamily!

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