Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament

Triumph Foundation's annual Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball tournament is expected to be another home run!

Triumph Foundation is hosting our Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament at Barry A. Sanders Sports Field on Saturday, October 14, 2023.  Over 36 people with disabilities, including children, adults and Veterans, will participate in this modified baseball game.

Hundreds of attendees are expected at the event to watch 12 teams of three players, consisting of at least one quadriplegic and one paraplegic player, attempt to hit a ball "over the line" into a sectioned-off territory.  Teams will compete all day to win the championship.

El campo, ubicado en Lake Balboa Park, está especialmente diseñado para el uso de personas con discapacidades hecho con una superficie de goma diseñada para sillas de ruedas, andadores y personas con una marcha inestable debido a discapacidades físicas.

Únase a Triumph para ver cómo las personas con discapacidades físicas superan los límites de su capacidad.



Triumph Foundation and 36 participants

Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 8:30 AM to 4 PM

Campo deportivo Barry A. Sanders
6300 Balboa Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91316


Disabled Athletes guaranteed to play for $10 (lunch/snacks/water included) The first 15 checked-in will receive a t-shirt. 

Able body players are free but will be put on a waitlist and not guaranteed to play. 

Friends & family are always free and welcome to watch. 


Can able-bodies participate?
We want to give as many wheelchair athletes as possible the opportunity to play. Due to limited spots we cannot promise that able bodies will be allowed to play. Spectators are always welcome, so please invite your friends and family.

Do I have to have experience?
No experience necessary. It is fun for everyone!

Will lunch be served?
Yes. If you require special dietary accommodations, please plan on bringing your own food.

Do I need a baseball mitt?
You are welcome to use one if you would like but most people do not. The ball that will be used is made of hard foam or a plastic whiffle ball depending on the player.

Do I have to be there all day?
Yes, plan on being there all day, so come prepared. Depending on how well your team does, will determine how long you will need to be present to play. Games will be between 30 to 45 min. The first Round Robin games will determine the Championship and Consolation Brackets.

Do I need a sports wheelchair?
No, you can play in your everyday wheelchair.

Can I play in a powerchair?

What if I’m unable to hold a bat?
We will provide special gloves or athletic tape to use to hold the bat. Quads will also have the choice to use a whiffle bat and ball.

What if I’m unable to catch a ball?
Quads do not have to catch the ball; they only have to touch it to make an out.

Will there be shade?
Yes, we will have multiple pop-up tents.

Do you need volunteers?

Can we sign up the morning of?
Since space is limited, the roster might be filled. We cannot guarantee a spot to play if you try to join the day of the event.