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Triumph’s Keep Moving Forward Grant is for people with spinal cord injury that have inadequate health insurance coverage and financial hardship to receive necessary equipment and services that will help them triumph over obstacles they face and enhance their quality of life.

Categories of qualified requests by priority:

  1. Adaptive Equipment for Activities of Daily Living- ex: wheelchairs, commodes, etc.
  2. Home Modifications- ex: ramps, bathroom remodel, widen doorways, etc.
  3. Return to Work/Community- ex: vehicle modifications, assistive computer technology, etc.
  4. Therapeutic Exercise- ex: rehabilitation services, armcycle, standing frame, gym membership, etc.
  5. Recreational Activities- ex: handcycles, sports wheelchair, etc.

Maximum Grant Awarded is $2,000 when funds are available and are paid directly to the vendor (no cash assistance to individuals).

Los pagos parciales para artículos más grandes (es decir, vehículos) no se considerarán a menos que ya se hayan realizado todos los pagos por el monto total. Por ejemplo, si solicita $2,000 para una compra de $20,000, ya debe haber obtenido $18,000 para completar la transacción.

Funding priority is given to Southern California residents.

Individuals applying for a grant must be a citizen of the United States of America.

Individuals are only eligible for assistance every other year.

In order to be considered, applicants must complete all applicable questions on the below application form.

All grant applications are reviewed by Triumph Foundation’s Board of Directors. Grant requests will be responded to via email within 30-60 days.

Application Form
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