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Coloplast ostomy Supplies and more

June 9, 2020

SenSura Mio Click Urostomy Pouch 2- piece Transparent - qty:10

SenSura Mio Click Ostomy Barrier 2- Piece, with Belt Tabs Cut to Fit - 3/8" - 1 3/4"- qty:10

Brava Moldable Ring Durable Seal 2.0mm - qty:10

Brava Strip Paste - qty: 10

Brava Elastic Barrier Strip XL - qty: 30

Brava Protective Sheet 4x4 in - qty:10


Many boxes of each

Location:Temecula, CA

I also have Hollister products one piece and two peice.

If interested fill out the form and I will send a text for more information of product availability.


The flange or wafer can be used for any type of ostomy if you have bags that fit to.

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