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Free 12 Fr Pocket Pac catheters

March 8, 2020

A friend was moving out of state and had recently changed which catheters he was using and offered his extras to my son.  They are one size too small for my son and I have, probably close to 200, of these that I can’t use. No facilities (urology office, The Red Cross, our local charities) are allowed to accept them as donations and so I turn to you, Triumph Community, to help me find a home for them

100% free to whoever wants them- I will ship to anywhere in the US (we can talk postage rates and payment if you’re interested). Pick up is fine too- I’m in Southern California.

The catheters expire July 2020 so they really need a home quickly! Also open to suggestions for groups or organizations that will take them. My son’s urologist just went to Egypt and would have taken them but I contacted them a week too late!

I just hate to think that they will get thrown away. They are expensive! Please help!

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