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Free Saratoga cycle!

March 20, 2021

This is the hand cycle that sets on a table top and it has the tri-pin handles on each side made especially for quadriplegics (But can still be used by those with full hand intervention). The only thing missing is the bolt that Holds the headrest at certain levels. I just ended up putting a screwdriver through the hole. But maybe you have a big bolt sitting around? This is not the model with the heart monitor, so that is not included. Even though there is a space for it on this Saratoga cycle. This is a great arm workout, Especially for those using power wheelchairs that don't get the opportunity to be able to push to try and keep muscle strength. I am located for the pick up in Sherman Oaks. I hope this Saratoga cycle finds a warm and welcoming home that will use it often!

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