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Invacare Full-Electric Homecare Bed with Posey Enclosure

April 4, 2024

New & Never Used.
Invacare Full-Electric Homecare Bed with Posey Enclosure

Convenient for both the user and caregiver to adjust body position and bed height.
Users and caregivers can easily adjust body position and bed height with intuitive hand pendant. Maintenance is easy with color-coded junction box connections. Interchangeable bed ends reduce inventory and are washable with standard water pressure.
Durable panels are impact and scratch-resistant and washable for easy cleaning
Rubber casters are non-marring
Ergonomic hand pendant features heavy-duty, strain-relief cord
Convenient access to emergency manual crank for peace of mind
Waterproof enclosures on motor system for easy cleaning
Dimensions: 88"L x 15"-23"H x 36"W
Sleep Surface: 80"L x 36"W
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
The Posey Enclosure Bed is a complete bed system that provides a safe, controlled environment for patients at risk of injury from fall or unassisted bed exit.
Canopy made of water-repellent, skin-friendly, and durable nylon
Perimeter guards for temporary use during patient care
Locking casters to secure bed during patient transfers and when patient is unattended
Four access panels for patient care from all four bed sides
Four tube ports
Quick-release buckles lock the zipper pull-tabs for added patient security
Foam canopy pads secure around the metal canopy frame
Create a controlled patient environment
Reduce the risk of the unassisted bed exit
Reduce the risk of patient falls
Avoid the risk of a patient being trapped under a mattress
Eliminate the need for side rails when the patient is alone

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