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Permobil M3 Power Chair

September 12, 2021

Purchased new at the end of 2020, still in “like new” condition. This M3 Permobil power chair was only operated a handful of times and comes fully equipped. Comes with Bodi-Link kit, padding throughout with ROHO cushion, harness and belt, chin/cheek joystick and desk tray. Frame width is 16 and depth 18…order sheet with specs included in photos. Cool aqua color and rear lights. This power chair also has the ability to link/pair with cell phone allowing for remote monitoring and rescue if need be. Also comes with batteries and battery charger.
This was a chair purchased for beautiful, Maddie. She no longer needs this chair, as she has gone to heaven to be with her Savior, Jesus. We would be so happy to see this in a new home, being put to use! Maddie was a petite individual, so this chair was built to support a smaller framed person.

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