Newly-Injured Support

Newly-Injured Support

Triumph Foundation’s Newly Injured Support Program helps people that have suffered a spinal cord injury or other disorder that causes paralysis (SCI), as well as those living with neuromuscular diseases. We assist individuals in achieving a successful future with the provision of resources and education regarding community assets, health and wellness techniques, and dealing with the emotional and mental challenges of living with a disability.

Triumph Foundation’s goal is to help people maximize their recovery from life altering accidents and diagnosis. We find solutions to increase independence, encourage self-efficacy, and reintegrate individuals back into the community. Triumph Foundation also works to educate the general population about individuals living with disabilities to promote inclusiveness. Triumph specializes in motivating and inspiring all to live a life of purpose.

A wonderful resource Triumph offers is the SCI First 90 Days book by Sam Maddox. It is a guide and roadmap for people with new spinal cord injuries and beyond. You can request a copy from us or download the PDF version here.

Care Packs

The cornerstone of our outreach is providing Care Packs full of resources to newly injured individuals throughout Southern California. Suffering a spinal cord injury is a life-changing event and our goal at Triumph is to provide a continuum of care to make the transition out of the hospital to home as smooth as possible.

Triumph Ambassadors are professionally trained peer mentors that make hospital visits to people that have recently had an injury or disorder causing paralysis. We provide mentorship to help newly injured people rebuild their lives. Our Care Packs are baskets or backpacks that are full of practical information about equipment, services, organizations, assistance programs, and activities that exist to help people with an SCI achieve the best possible health outcome and maximize their quality of life post injury. They also include small gift items, toiletries, personal care products, and edible goodies to make hospital life easier during this time of adversity.

In addition, Triumph has created the 'Tragedy to Triumph Resource Guidebook' and Wristband Flash Drive that offers 20 chapters of resources, referrals and recommendations. We provide these to individuals throughout the disabled community, including doctors, social workers, hospital and rehabilitation staff, and numerous others that are affiliated and provide services to our community. Most of these Resources can be found on this website.

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Support Groups

Triumph Foundation leads SCI Support Groups that address both practical and emotional needs of people dealing with paralysis. The purpose of our support groups is to enable the injured individual and their family members opportunities to receive candid advice and guidance from others who have faced similar circumstances.

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