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Andrew Skinner August 29, 2017 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update, Upcoming Events
Adaptive Recreation
One of the best feelings in life is pushing yourself further than you thought possible to reach a summit.

Sports and outdoor activities give people that chance to challenge themselves to see what they are capable of achieving.

After a traumatic injury, too many succumb to depression, isolation, and live sedentary.  They think that opportunities to feel that sense of thrill and excitement is over.  That is why Triumph's Adaptive Recreation program is so important.

Every month we hold fun events that are FREE for anyone to come out and play.  Your support makes activities like riding bikes, target shooting, and playing sports achievable for people with disabilities.  See highlights below.

Thank you for helping people push the limits of their ability,


Andrew Skinner

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Your support helped hold a special clinic on the sport of curling. Triumph Foundation partnered with Hollywood Curling to host this event at the Ice Station in Valencia.  We beat the heat by playing on the ice!

Adapted Shooting
Triumph hosted an Adapted Shooting Event with Angeles Armory. We had 20 wheelchair participants that got a chance to shoot and learn about self-defense, safety, and the sport of marksmanship.

Every month we hold Handcycling Clinics at various locations across Southern California. We bring out our "stable" of 16 bikes for anyone to ride for a day of fun!

SoCal WCMX and Triumph partnered to host a mini-contest and skate sesh at Fontana skate park. We look forward to hosting WCMX World Championship in 2018!

SCI Life Series Group Outings
Every week many of our Triumph SCI Life Series Groups are doing fun activities. Networking, learning how to adapt, and being active are all crucial in ones recovery.

Here are some recent highlights...

Playing billiards is a favorite activity.

One of our most popular outings is bowling.

Our Inland Empire Life Series Group participated in a adapted Scuba Party hosted by the University of California Riverside.

Superheroes 5k

Triumph is holding it's first 5K race!  It will "pack a punch" in fun and ease with a fast, gentle rolling course. 100% of the proceeds benefit Triumph Foundation and its mission - helping people get better every day.  No matter what your ability is, you are a hero to us.  Superheroes Triumph!


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