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Andrew Skinner July 8, 2024 News, Noteworthy, Upcoming Events, YouTube

"Without Triumph, I don't know where we'd be"

Picture of AlanAlan's life took an unexpected turn when a severe staph infection reached his spine, leaving him unable to walk. The infection almost claimed his life, requiring emergency surgery and a lengthy course of antibiotics. Once a vibrant and active individual, Alan now faces a new reality, one that demands significant changes to his daily life and home setup.

Amidst this challenging time, Triumph Foundation Ambassadors visited Alan and his wife Diane. They gave him a Care Backpack full of vital information and hope for the future.  Alan spent his Christmas in the hospital and attended Triumph's Holiday Party and met dozens of others with similar conditions, and made lots of friends. He said "It made a huge difference in lifting my spirits - their was so much joy in the room - I was so inspired."

When he was discharged from the hospital, Alan and Diane had many questions and fears. Triumph's support group gave them a place to get answers, and prepare for the journey ahead.

Alan's insurance provided him with an inadequate heavy wheelchair that restricted his mobility and independence.  He contacted Triumph Foundation, and we provided him with a lightweight wheelchair, which has been instrumental in helping Alan regain access at home, freedom in the community, and improve his quality of life.

Thanks to your gifts, Alan is now able to navigate his new circumstances with greater ease and confidence.  Your crucial support has empowered him to approach each day with renewed hope and determination.

Watch Alan's story below:

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