Connecting with others is what encouraged Ed to “keep moving forward”

Andrew Skinner October 25, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Videos

"Thanks to Triumph, I'm moving forward with the wheelchair and the resources. I hope that one day I can definitely pay it forward."

Ed had just kicked off his new window-coverings and furniture business in early 2022 when the pain in his back became too much to handle.

What he thought would be a short stay in the hospital became a months-long recovery in rehab from disc surgery that left his legs dealing with paralysis.

This kept him from walking, it also crushed his newly-formed business. Ed's dream to be self-sufficient and self-employed seemed to be taken away from him far to soon.

Although many people come to know Triumph Foundation following a traumatic injury, we also provide resources and services to people like Ed whose disabilities come upon them in other circumstances.

So we connected Ed with others who had been through similar trials, and their connection made all the difference in his outlook for the future.

In Ed's emotional video, he tells how hearing the stories of other people's struggles and how they overcame them gave him the courage and strength to keep moving forward to the next phase of his recovery journey.

Watch Ed's story to see how the support of people like you, his family and friends made all the difference in his recovery. And you're going to love the sweet message of thanks from his mom. She's absolutely precious!

It's your turn to connect with others who have been there before and know how to help you keep moving forward.

Join a Triumph Foundation Ambassador-run support group or register for one of our upcoming events. There's an awesome opportunity just below!

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"The one thing you can't do is stay put. You must set goals, stay consistent and keep moving forward."
- Andrew Skinner

Will you help Triumph keep moving forward?
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