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Andrew Skinner August 6, 2020 News, Triumph Outreach Update

The final turn of the wheel of our Circle of Care brings us to that core group of individuals who have made 'paying it forward' a way of life!

In case you haven't noticed, the Circle of Care is actually a journey from injury/diagnosis to giving back to others. Each segment of the circle builds upon the next to strategically empower people like you to pay it forward and help the next person begin their journey of triumph over paralysis.

Triumph's Inclusive Community includes an extraordinary group of trained Ambassadors whose personal trials and triumphs over SCI/D have equipped them to help others thrive.

Read more about these heroes below.

Ambassador Class of 2020

The heroes of Triumph Foundation are our Ambassadors. They travel all over Southern California to deliver Care Packs full of resources to the newly injured and lead support groups.

They pay it forward by visiting hospital rooms, offering resources, leading support groups, providing peer-to-peer mentoring, and challenging others to get better every day.

We recently held our 4th Annual Ambassador Training Conference. It's lead by healthcare professionals that provide lessons on best practices for peer mentors, HIPPA standards, how to handle difficult behaviors, and education on community resources. More than 30 new Ambassadors were certified this year!

Congratulations to our 2020 Class of Ambassadors!

Meet Your Ambassadors

Visit our website to meet our team of 80 Ambassadors and read their amazing stories of triumph.

Here are just 3 of the amazing people who make up our Inclusive Community.

Damon Whittaker- "When I was injured at the age of 14, and it was life changing. From my first introduction to Triumph in 2012, I've felt like family, and made sure that I was a part of everything."

Brianna Wheeler - "After I suffered a T12-L5 spinal cord injury life was extremely hard for me, but after 2 long years I'm grateful I got connected with Triumph Foundation..."

Erik St. Amant - "I've been a quadriplegic for 28 years (C1-C2). As an Ambassador, I attend numerous SCI support groups, visit newly-injured patients, and I help with the many of Triumph's events."

Virtual Groups

In light of social distancing efforts, we've revised our tactics to continue making connections with injured people and keep the community connected by holding these support groups on Zoom web conferences.

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Thank You

Thank you for joining us on our roll around the Circle of Care.

We are so grateful to you for being part of our Inclusive Community and for all your support.

We've got two exciting events coming up that you'll want to be part of:

Virtual Poker Tournament August 29th
Superheroes Triumph! Virtual Run Series

Proceeds from both events will go a long ways towards helping others triumph over paralysis.

Stay tuned for more details!

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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