Full circle – Inclusive Community the Final critical piece of Triumph’s “Circle of Care”

Andrew Skinner June 25, 2020 News, Triumph Outreach Update

Thank you for your feedback on Triumph's Circle of Care. We listened and discovered we were missing one important component – YOU!

So to complete the circle, we've added the final piece that defines and directs every aspect of our work.

We call it "Inclusive Community."

Inclusive Community is the welcome you feel when you take part in one of our events and know you belong. It's the gathering of peers who have all experienced adversity and have compassion for you.

Whether you have a spinal cord injury, live with a disability, are a family member, loved one, volunteer, or you're just a good friend – there are open arms waiting for you. We provide a "second family" and a community that cares.

Triumph's Inclusive Community is a melting pot of every race, gender, religion, economic class, and ability.

No matter who you are, you're welcome in our Triumph Family.

There is a universal desire to belong — to be part of a safe and welcoming community. And that is what we aspire to create.

Over the next several weeks, we're going to highlight some of the people who make up Triumph's Inclusive Community.

You'll meet families, friends, volunteers, ambassadors, and supporters who make it possible to serve one another in such a meaningful and impactful way.

I truly believe we are all in this together, grafted into this family tree.

Peace and love,

Andrew Skinner

PS - A great way to stay up to date with Triumph's Inclusive Community, is to listen to our podcast. It's available on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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