Inclusive Community – Family

Andrew Skinner July 1, 2020 News, Triumph Outreach Update

In our last blog, I introduced you to the 5th segment of Triumph's Circle of Care - Inclusive Community.

We desire to create a safe and welcoming community for everybody who joins in. And a key component of the Inclusive Community are the families we're all part of.

Our families are so important to our recovery. They're part of the process of helping us realize who we are and to respond to the new reality with patience and grace. But they also need the support of a community that includes them and meets their unique needs.

Inclusive Community - Family

What does "Family" mean to you?
To me, it's the ones who were there for me in the terrifying moments after my injury.

They stayed long hours by my side and encouraged me. They struggled with me through surgery, rehab, PT, bathing, and learning how to use my body again.

My wife, my parents, my brother and sister, my church, neighbors, and my closest friends—you know who you are—they stood by me when I couldn't stand on my own.

I know you can relate. You have your own story of family sticking with you when all others fade away.

Triumph's Inclusive Community is not just made up of wheelchair users. Our outreach focus includes the families of people living with paralysis.

I call them the "Silently Disabled" because while much of the attention goes toward the injured person, the families remain in the background bearing the physical, emotional, and financial burdens.

They've also suffered greatly as they've undertaken the tremendous challenges of caring for an injured family member.

They need us just as much as we need them.

Some of you may not have had much of a family or support network when you got injured. That's never easy. But you have a family now, you can rest assured that Triumph cares, and will embrace you in your journey as a brother or sister.

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