Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient – Jeffery

Andrew Skinner March 5, 2024 News, Sponsorship, Upcoming Events

Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient

Triumph’s Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Grant is for people with spinal cord injury that have limited financial capability to help them triumph over obstacles they face and enhance their quality of life.

Triumph’s KMF Grants help individuals get necessary Adaptive Equipment for activities of daily living, make Home Modifications for wheelchair accessibility, enable the Return to Work reintegrating back into the community, and engage in Therapeutic Activities for health and wellness.

On January 23, 2022, Jeffery's life took an unexpected turn during a skiing trip in Mammoth, leading to a C5/C6 spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. Despite these challenges, his spirit remains unbroken. With limited use of his hands and triceps, Jeffery is witnessing a hopeful slight recovery in his leg mobility. His dream is simple yet profound: to walk independently with the aid of a walker.

To realize this dream, Jeffery was seeking support for essential physical therapy equipment. He applied for an Eva Support walker, vital for his therapy, and Active Hands grips, allowing him to hold weights during workouts. Additionally, he needed a Quad Tools Mini Reacher for daily tasks. His insurance covered only a single weekly therapy session, making it crucial for him to join Next Step Fitness, a gym tailored for those with disabilities.

His therapy journey will be crucial to maintaining his progress. With goals to walk unassisted in a year, regain control over his motor functions in five years, and achieve complete independence in ten years, Jeffery's story is one of resilience and hope.

Join us in supporting Jeffery's journey towards independence. Our assistance can provide him and others with the necessary tools and opportunities to continue his therapy and reclaim his autonomy. Every bit of help brings Jeffery a step closer to his goals.

Thank you for being a part of his remarkable journey to recovery and independence.

Wheelchair Sports Festival

Join us at our Wheelchair Sports Festival where you can try handcycling and so much more!

WHEN: Saturday, April 27th AND Sunday, April 28th

WHERE: Santa Clarita Sports Complex

This FREE, all-inclusive multi-sport event will introduce adaptive sports to the community.

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The Wheelchair Sports Festival brings everyone together of all abilities - able body and disabled alike - to take part in a weekend of activities!  Everyone Plays!

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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