Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient – Jose

Andrew Skinner July 1, 2024 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient

Triumph’s Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Grant is for people with spinal cord injury that have limited financial capability to help them triumph over obstacles they face and enhance their quality of life.

Triumph’s KMF Grants help individuals get necessary Adaptive Equipment for activities of daily living, make Home Modifications for wheelchair accessibility, enable the Return to Work reintegrating back into the community, and engage in Therapeutic Activities for health and wellness.

In the heart of Los Angeles, 41-year-old Jose Rodriguez lives a life defined by resilience and passion. Born with Spina Bifida, Jose never let his condition dictate his aspirations. Instead, he found joy in the dynamic world of wheelchair sports, with basketball holding a special place in his heart. For years, he has been a dedicated player for Rancho Los Amigos, and now competes with the Rancho Halos in the D3 wheelchair basketball league.

Recently, Jose faced a setback when his wheelchair's Spinergy wheels bent, temporarily sidelining him from the sport he loves. Determined to return to the court and aid his team in their journey to the Nationals, Jose was helped by Triumph Foundation's Keep Moving Forward Grant to acquire new wheels. His commitment extends beyond the basketball court. Balancing his athletic pursuits, Jose also attends school twice a week, constantly striving.

In his free time, he frequents local parks, not just for relaxation but to hone his skills in wheelchair basketball. His life is further enriched by the support and love of his wife, who also navigates life with Spina Bifida. Together, they embody the spirit of overcoming challenges and pursuing passions without limits. Jose's story is not just about sports; it's a testament to the enduring human spirit, inspiring others to rise above obstacles and chase their dreams.

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