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Andrew Skinner June 21, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Upcoming Events, Videos

"Whatever difficulties I have had to face, I have not had to face them alone."

No matter what trial you're facing, it is such a temptation to believe that you're absolutely alone in the struggle.

We met Kurt in the hospital after he collapsed with a massive herniation around his L3-L5 vertebrae, losing the ability to use his legs. He feared the worst, including the prospect that nobody would stand by him as he navigated a newly unfamiliar world.

"One of the first things Andrew said to me was, 'you are not alone.' Those words are incredibly powerful and affected me deeply," Kurt said.

Kurt is 6-foot-five-inches tall, so his perspective has changed quite a bit since he began making his way in a wheelchair. Not only does he see the world in a different way, he has had to come to grips with his dependence on others.

"The hardest part was the loss of independence and the weight of others having to take care of me," he said. "I’d always want to take care of them, but now I'm working on accepting their help and getting myself better."

As we got to know Kurt, and hear his story (he's originally from South Africa and a newly-sworn US Citizen), we knew there were some simple ways we could help him get through - a ramp, commode, bed rails, grab bars were a great start to helping him navigate home.

We were also able to supply him with a wheelchair custom fit for his needs to replace the old one given to him.

"Through everything that has happened since my hospital discharge and return home, Andrew and Triumph Foundation have stood by those words and made sure that whatever difficulties I have had to face I have not had to face them alone."


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"The one thing you can't do is stay put. You must set goals, stay consistent and keep moving forward."
- Andrew Skinner

Will you help Triumph keep moving forward?

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