Contagious Joy – Special story of Rebeca to keep hope and faith alive as we move into the Holidays

Andrew Skinner November 18, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Videos

"Keep faith and hope alive because that is all we got"

Have you ever met somebody that was so full of joy that it was contagious?  Even when facing hardship, somehow they still wear a smile?

That’s what it was like when we met Rebeca. She’s a young 23 year old woman with an amazing smile and spontaneous energy. If you only saw her face, you wouldn’t know that her life just had a radical tragedy.

Rebeca was injured doing something that all of us do without much thought or concern - taking a shower. While going through her normal morning routine she slipped and fell, fracturing multiple vertebrae causing a T-11 spinal cord injury.

"This disability doesn't take anything away from you, if anything it gives you a lot of hope and power because others are there to help."

We met her during our Newly Injured Support Outreach at Casa Colina. We visit there every week to lead a support group and teach patients how to cope, adapt and triumph after a paralyzing accident or illness.

We meet hundreds of people each year, but there’s something special about Rebeca. At her first meeting she was nervous and reluctant to go, but by the second or third she was eager to participate - not just to share her own experience, but to encourage others and motivate them to make the best of their therapy and pursue life with a passion.

Even though she is facing adversity, she still has hope and a positive outlook.  Looking at the brightside isn’t always easy, but it’s so important - because as much as the grass can always be greener, it can always be a whole lot worse. This is especially important to remember as we move into the holidays.

Even during hardtimes, we have so much to be grateful for. This is particularly true that we are so blessed by our relationships. Having people like you in our Triumph Family is such a blessing and means the world to the people we serve.

I hope watching Rebeca's joy and positivity are encouraging and contagious - bringing you a smile to know you're part of something meaningful.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, may God bless you this holiday season.


Your Triumph Family

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"The one thing you can't do is stay put. You must set goals, stay consistent and keep moving forward."
- Andrew Skinner

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