Cure Nation – Reinventing Yourself After a Life-Changing Event with Andrew Angulo

Andrew Skinner January 15, 2019 Noteworthy, SCI

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Reinventing Yourself After a Life-Changing Event with Andrew Angulo

Andrew Angulo’s Life-Changing Event

In June, 2009, Andrew was riding a motorcycle fast, became distracted and crashed. He suffered a T7 spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the waist down. Although Andrew’s injury was complete, today he has some feeling below his waist, however, he mainly has involuntary movement.

“When I woke up in the hospital, I had to deal with a lot of guilt, since I realized that this injury was a result of my making a bad decision by getting on my motorcycle and going too fast,” he remembers. “I realized there was no one else to blame but me. I thought my future would be dim and grim when I was first injured. I knew life would be a challenge moving forward.”

Andrew’s Adjustment Period Immediately After His Accident

Five months after his injury, Andrew returned to work at the same company where he’d worked before. Getting back to work was something he knew he wanted to do. Work was a coping mechanism.

Although Andrew’s life dramatically had changed from the motorcycle accident, he reinvented himself to prove at least to himself and others that someone in a wheelchair could get up, go to work and do the job he’d done before his accident just as well as he had done that job previously.

During this period, Andrew was working for a pharmaceutical company. At that time in our nation’s history, pharmaceuticals went through a deep downturn. Along with many other people in his company, Andrew was eventually laid off.

That’s when the silver lining appeared in his life.

Andrew Reinvents His Life Through Videography and Photography

During that first year of his injury, Andrew had been making videos to show what his life was like now that he was in a wheelchair.

Andrew Angulo of Los Angeles, California at work in his production studio

Andrew at work in his production studio.

“Once I got out of the hospital, I went online and searched for videos that people in wheelchairs had made of their daily lives,” Angulo recalls.

“I really enjoyed watching those videos. I made a video of myself and my children, going through my daily life, in March of 2010, 8 months after my accident.”

Although Andrew never had had an interest in videography or photography until his accident, once he discovered these mediums, the creativity in his mind literally erupted.


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