Podcast Episode 7: Circle of Care – Grants & Equipment, Home Modifications, Mobility Works, Reeves Auto

Andrew Skinner May 26, 2020 Podcasts

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Andrew Skinner discusses the second section of our Circle of Care chart - Grants & Equipment, covering medical equipment, home modifications, vehicle modifications, and more!

THANK YOU to our episode sponsors Mobility Works and Reeves Auto.

Amanda has struggled with scoliosis her whole life, and after many surgeries it impacted her spinal cord in 2006. Now she's attending college and needed a power assist device to help her get around campus. Our grant purchased her a Smart Drive to improve her mobility at school.

Mobility Works is a national chain of dealerships selling wheelchair accessible vehicles; they serve the disabled community with modified minivans with ramps, full-size vans with lifts and commercial fleet vehicles.

Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. is committed to providing you excellent service, so you always choose them for your repair needs. They offer complete automotive repair on all makes & models.

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