Telescopic Reacher Tool

Telescopic Reacher Tool



Many of us use DIY sticks to reach for things. This rod is approximately the same price as a DIY rod, is lighter, can be compressed to fit in any bag within a second even with little hand motion and comes with three tools to screw on:



With the S-hook, you can hang/grab hangers from your closet, grab items out of reach or from the floor and reach light switches out of reach.

With the mirror, you can check your body for wounds or sores. The mirror is made of acrylic plastic to keep it from breaking if you drop it. 

With the magnet, you can pick up smaller items like screws if you drop them. 



The rod comes with a small bag in which you can keep the mirror.

You can screw the magnet in the handle hand to always have it handy. 

The rod had a hand hook to making holding it and compressing it easier. 

Size: can extend to 71-1/4", and collapse to 12-1/8"



While you can pull a lot of weight, the light construction can’t lift a lot of weight when extended. 

The magnet isn’t the strongest. If you’re trying to pick you your key chain, you’re better off with the S-hook than the magnet. 

The rod won’t fit in the bag with the S-hook or mirror attached








S-hook, magnet and mirror 


Reaching for the light switch 


The bag with the mirror in its pocket, the magnet screwed into the handle end