Rugby Clinics

Are you interested in learning to play sitting volleyball?

These FREE 1 hour clinic's will introduce the sport of Sitting Volleyball to the community with a special focus on players 5 to 17 years old. Our goal is get youth involved - but all ages can participate.

Sitting Volleyball is a Paralympic Sport that is like regular volleyball, but played seated on the floor with a lower net. Participants must be able to scoot on the ground, wheelchairs are NOT used in this sport.

This event will teach you the basics of the sport - no experience necessary - just sign up and show up for some fun!

Saturday, February 12th at 10am

Expo Center
3980 Bill Robertson Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Sunday, February 27th at 10am

Peck Recreation Center
560 S. Western Ave
San Pedro, CA 90732

Sunday, March 13th at 2pm

Cheviot Hills Rec Center
2551 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Sunday, March 20th at 2pm

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Rec Center
14201 Huston Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Sunday, March 27th at 2pm

Rio De Los Angeles State Park
1900 N San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Want to see how it's played?

About the game:

Sitting Volleyball can be played by almost anyone, and these clinics are open to a variety of individuals and skill levels. The young, old, men, women, girls, boys - the disabled and the able-bodied - are welcome to play. In fact, by eliminating jumping, which can be adversely affected by disability or age, Sitting Volleyball puts all players on a level playing field and brings disabled and able-bodied individuals together to play an enjoyable sport without limiting anyone’s abilities.

In order to be a member of the US National Sitting Volleyball Team or to qualify for Sitting Volleyball in the Paralympics, athletes must have a physical disability that limits their ability to play the game of Volleyball as we know it: standing up. This typically includes athletes who are affected by amputation (of the arm or leg), major knee tears, polio, knee or hip replacements, or any major muscle loss.

The City of Los Angeles and Triumph partnered to host clinics at L.A. Parks & Rec facilities for youth with disabilities. Our goal is to help create sport and ability awareness in a safe and fun environment.

For more information about the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Adaptive Sports Program click here.

To learn more about Sitting Volleyball click here.

To learn more about other Paralympic sports click here.

Our program will adhere to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health COVID-19 Guidelines.