Home for Triumph

Triumph Foundation’s 2020 Fundraising Challenge

We need your help:

We need to lease a 2,000 square foot warehouse and office facility within our service area in order to achieve all of our expansion goals.

The next phase of Triumph’s growth is to establish our headquarters in an office/warehouse space of our own.  We have maxed out our crowded home office and storage lockers.  We call it A Home For Triumph.  And it can only happen with your help.

Like a goldfish in a bowl, our potential as an organization is limited by the space we have to work in.

If Triumph is going to do all of this in 2020 and beyond, we need the space to do it.

Help provide a Home for Triumph in 2020

We are actively searching for an office/warehouse that matches our functionality, location, and budget needs.  We are bulging at the seams. Our storage lockers are packed full, we have bottlenecks in the production line of Care Packs because we can’t access our goods, and getting access to loaner wheelchairs and equipment is really difficult.

To scale up our operations, we need your help.

With your gifts, you can multiply our visits to newly-injured patients in their hospital rooms. You can help us provide more people with mobility equipment and home modifications free of charge. And you can expand the reach of our adaptive recreation events to new locations throughout Southern California.

To learn more about “Home for Triumph” or to help with a major donation, please contact us directly.  [email protected]