December Update Act 1: Care Basket Outreach

Andrew Skinner December 12, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

Consider this when you think about where to direct your generous giving this year:  Triumph Foundation is there for people through every act of their post-injury story they are living.

For a person who becomes paralyzed, in the first act when their life is shattered, we are the first responders giving them initial hope for the future, in the second act, we provide financial assistance when they need extra help moving forward, and finally, in the third act, we get them reintegrated back into the community, helping them find joy and wellness through activity.

I know you're busy, but please take a moment to read these stories of people we're able to help along this story-line because of the generosity of people like you.

Act 1: Care Basket Outreach

Meet Alexander. Our Ambassador Walter met him at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. Alexander got hurt last year and has been stuck in the hospital since dealing with a pressure sore, a very common secondary issue for those with a spinal cord injury.

We were able to build a friendship with him, visit during his lonely days, supply him with a backpack full of resources he didn't know existed, and let him know that he is not alone, that we are going to help him triumph.

Our Ambassador Mickie met Nikki at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, she sustained a T3 spinal cord injury in a car accident. Mickie was there with a Care Pack full of resources to help Nikki take steps toward the best possible recovery.

She has a great attitude and a powerful family support system. The first act is the toughest, but it won't take long for Nikki to feel strong enough to face the challenges ahead.

We look forward to being part of her recovery and, even more importantly, helping her move into the second act of her story by supporting her equipment needs beyond what insurance or the hospital can provide.

Our Ambassador Russel met Richard at Casa Colina Rehabilitation. Richard was in a car accident and broke his C4 vertebrae.

We went to visit him and offer our support. Triumph was able to supply him with a backpack full of resources and inform him that he has a great support network, and we’ll be there to help in this new chapter of his life.

He’s working hard everyday in OT, PT and speech therapy. He has a great attitude and the heart of fighter to triumph.

Meet Cesar. He was unfortunately hit by a car and sustained a T11 spinal cord injury. Our Ambassadors Roberto & Pat met him at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital.

Cesar is working hard in physical therapy to gain his strength back. He was happy to receive a Care Pack full of information and resources to help him process his injury. Our Ambassadors explained to him that he wasn't alone during this tragic moment in his life and we would continue to support him during his recovery.

Meet Leon. A few weeks ago he fell, sustaining a C 3-6 spinal cord injury which made him quadriplegic. Ambassador Bobbie met him at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas.

Leon is working hard on his recovery and was happy to receive a Care Pack full of information and resources to help him move forward. He was discharged last week to begin the second act of his paralysis story.

Leon is going to need our help now more than ever. We often say that rehab really begins at discharge, because that's when the struggle to rebuild begins. Triumph Foundation offers the continuum of care people need to go from Act 1 to Act 2.

There are many more stories to be shared...

Your Part in the Story

You have an incredible opportunity to be part of the story-lines you just read. Your gifts ensure that the amazing people we meet (there are hundreds each year) will be cared for and given every chance to triumph over their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Will you please give generously before year end?

Your gift of any amount will change a life, guaranteed!

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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