December Update Act 2: Keep Moving Forward Grant

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Triumph Foundation is there for people through every act of their post-injury story.

For a person who becomes paralyzed, in the first act when their life is shattered, we are the first responders giving them initial hope for the future, in the second act, we provide financial assistance when they need extra help moving forward, and finally, in the third act, we get them reintegrated back into the community, helping them find joy and wellness through activity.

I know you're busy, but please take a moment to read these stories of people we're able to help along this story-line because of the generosity of people like you.

Act 2: Keep Moving Forward Grant

Roberto and his wife have a beautiful perspective on life. His C6/C7 injury came when he was hit by a bullet while driving out of a parking lot. Paralyzed from the neck down with 2 young boys to care for, they could easily be brought down by their situation, but they repeat the phrase "Life Goes On" to remind themselves that they can get through anything together.

Roberto applied for a Keep Moving Forward Grant to pay for adaptive driving lessons. Being able to drive will allow him some independence while setting his wife free to take care of other needs of the home.

We were thrilled to provide the help he needed in the second act of his incredible story.

When Cesar reached out to us, he had recently moved into a new home that did not have sufficient accessibility. He asked us for an ADA compliant ramp for the entry which would allow him to go in and out on his own. The trouble was, the ramp's construction was going to be extremely large and very expensive - double Cesar's annual limited income.

But instead of a ramp, it became clear that a lift would be a much better option. So Triumph helped Cesar's Act 2 by providing funds for a lift that allows him the independence he needs.

The Keep Moving Forward Grant provides funds for projects and equipment that make it possible for people with SCI to make vital advances in their story of recovery.

Met Zachary and his lovely family. Zachary and his twin sister are 6 years old, Zachary was born with Spina Bifida. Earlier this summer we met their entire family at the WCMX World Skate Competition.

Despite the challenges and obstacles that Zack has already faced, he is a happy and healthy young boy. He loves to be outside and play, and he adores animals. Triumph was able to provide a Grant for Hippotherapy,  a specialized PT/OT delivered by a trained professional and a horse. This style of therapy will help Zachary work on his continued strength and balance, ultimately promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Met David; he lives in Pine Mountain Club, a small mountain community outside Kern County. He was injured in a diving accident 39 years ago which resulted in a C5-6 spinal cord injury.

We were able to help David with a few home modifications. A repair to a double pane window and a new air condition unit for his living room. In the snowy winter months he uses a pellet stove to heat his home, we were also able to supply him with a pallet of wood pellets.

Peter suffered partial paralysis and neurological issues after an emergency surgery where they performed a laminectomy from L3-S1 disks and a discectomy of L4-L5.

While dealing with the difficulties surrounding his injury and diagnosis; he had to learn how to adapt and work on regaining his independence. He tried to remain active in society while relaying on OCTA access as well as the local bus, he often found them both limiting trying to coordinate schedules. And the simple inconvenience of relying on someone else.

Unfortunately driving was still holding him back from being fully independent. Peter reached out to us and applied for our Keep Moving Forward Grant. We were able to award him a set of hand controls in order to get him driving again and allowing him freedom.

Within our Equipment & Exchange program we were able to provide a standing frame to our friend and Triumph Ambassador Norma.

A standing frame seems like such a simple piece of equipment but being able to stand upright is incredibly important for someone dealing with paralysis. We know this will help Norma continue to strengthen her overall balance and core.

Your Part in the Story

You have an incredible opportunity to be part of the story-lines you just read. Your gifts ensure that the amazing people we meet (there are hundreds each year) will be cared for and given every chance to triumph over their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Will you please give generously before year end?

Your gift of any amount will change a life, guaranteed!

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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