Adaptive Sports Comes Back Big Time!

Andrew Skinner December 13, 2021 News, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Q: What do you get when you cross 732 athletes, 123 volunteers, 12 adaptive sports and 5 Paralympians?

A: Our biggest Adaptive Sports Festival EVER!

Each year, we hear testimonies of the importance this event has on the health and public awareness of adaptive programs for the young and old, able-body and disabled. It's this kind of feedback that energizes us to keep hosting all-inclusive activities that develop bonds and friendships that are game-changing.

Massive thanks to the City of Pasadena for their continued advocacy and support of our adaptive recreation events. We also can't help but thank and highlight our passionate volunteers and the 25 booth sponsors who truly make our events possible, wildly successful, and most of all, FUN!

"It doesn't matter if you're young or old, weak or strong, Triumph is there for you."

As part of our 2021 "year of comebacks," we were thrilled to see so many happy athletes join the ranks of our long-time friends and Triumph Family as they return to healthy sports and community activities after so long away.

With a total turnout of 927 participants, we can't wait to see what comes next year as we plan to reopen each one of our favorite adaptive sports events - and even add some new ones.

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Adaptive Sports Festival Photos & Videos

As we come to the end of another year, we can't help but remember all the friends and relationships who have made this year so special. Whether you have been the grateful recipient of our services or donated or volunteered to make Triumph even better, we are so grateful that you have chosen to be part of this movement to help people with spinal cord injuries live lives of impact.

During this giving season, please consider making a gift to Triumph Foundation.

"As the world attempts a comeback from a year of setbacks, let each one of us pursue our own incredible comebacks."
- Andrew Skinner

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