Albert’s Comeback

Andrew Skinner November 9, 2021 News, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Every day somebody tells me their comeback story in 2021. This year it seems like everyone is coming back from something! They encourage and inspire me to keep working diligently to serve the community.

I'm excited to share Albert’s story with you to show you what your prayers, gifts, and support make possible.

"This chair gives me a lot of freedom."

Albert's comeback story begins on March 9, 2021 in the middle of the night, when a quick visit to the bathroom turned into tragedy. He got lightheaded, lost his balance and fell against the wall fracturing his neck. Unable to move or call for help, Albert laid behind the door, not knowing where he was or what his future would hold. Hours later, his daughter found him, called 911, and he was rushed to the hospital to begin his journey to recovery from spinal cord injury.

As the months progressed, through surgeries and physical therapy, Albert could see clearly that he would need to make some adjustments in life. Determined to achieve the most independence, and play with his grand kids again, he worked hard to regain function in his body. Still, Albert knew he would need to rely on the help of others.

Triumph met him during our inpatient outreach at Casa Colina and sent him a Care Pack full of resources. But when he was discharged, he could not propel the wheelchair insurance provided, and it did not fit through the door into his bedroom. Again, Albert was stuck.

In moments like this, we all need somebody willing to listen and come alongside us with whatever help they're able to provide. In Albert's case, he needed Triumph for peer-support and a power chair that fit his needs.

"Triumph was there for me the whole time, to answer questions and help me with this wheelchair. Now I can make a perfect turn into my bedroom all by myself," said Albert. "Best of all, I can go outside and play with my granddaughter."

I interviewed Albert over web conference last month to hear his comeback story as he moves forward from tragedy to triumph. Check out the video.

"Now I can go outside and play with my granddaughter"

Triumph's Pasadena Adaptive Sports Festival is coming up fast - November 20, 2021. This event is our chance to champion adaptive sports for the whole community.

Come out to enjoy: Quad Rugby, Handcycling, Basketball, Archery, Power Soccer, Boxing, Pickle Ball, Tennis, Beep Baseball, Boccia, Art, and our famous Resource Fair.

Coaches and instructors will be on hand to help you learn the games.

Everybody plays, no matter your ability. Fun for the whole family!

"As the world attempts a comeback from a year of setbacks, let each one of us pursue our own incredible comebacks."
- Andrew Skinner

Will you help Triumph continue our comeback?

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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