Where our heart is at – April Outreach Update

Andrew Skinner April 30, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

Newly Injured Support

This past weekend was our Wheelchair Sports Festival that had more than a thousand participants! Sports are always fun, but it's not where our life-changing work begins.

Our genesis is meeting people who suffer traumatic injuries to bring them resources and a message of hope. Read more about their triumphant stories below; Daisy, Ariel, JT and others are where our heart is at.

Every day Triumph Ambassadors meet men, women, and children that have had their lives suddenly shattered into a thousand pieces. But a shattered life is not a ruined life. The pieces can be put back together. That’s why Triumph Foundation exists!

We want every person to maximize their recovery. We want to demonstrate that there is life worth living. There is help beyond their insurance company. There is freedom outside of their hospital rooms. There is a community they can count on.

They can count on you, me, and their #TriumphFamily


We met Norman at Northridge Hospital, who is dealing with slight paralysis. His family doesn't live nearby and are unable to visit frequently, so he appreciates Triumph's visits.


Michael was injured in a car accident and suffered a C2-7 spinal cord injury and spinal stenosis. We met Michael and his wife at Northridge Hospital and encouraged them that life is not over following paralysis.


Daisy fell at home and broke her C6-7 cervical vertebrae. In just one week she was already in rehab at California Rehabilitation Hospital. We worked with her family to help plan her home modifications.


We met Quan at Casa Colina. He suffered a T8 spinal cord injury due to a gun shot wound. He has a great family support system and was encouraged to receive a care basket full of resources to help him along his new journey.


Ariel was lifting weights with his high school football team when some of his muscles started feeling numb. By the time he got home, he lost the ability to move. Triumph met him at Children's Hospital to give him hope and encouragement


We met Marc at California Rehabilitation Hospital after he had lumbar surgery and suffered damage to his spinal cord. It looks like he is going to make a terrific recovery. One good thing that came from this experience is he got connected to Triumph.

Israel & Patrick

We met Israel and Patrick at Northridge Hospital's SCI support group where they were able to meet a large group of our Ambassadors and receive Care Baskets full of resources. They also came out to the parking lot after to check out our modified vehicles


JT has a cervical spinal cord injury and shared a Physical Therapist with Andrew. We met him at a small sub acute rehab called Beachwood in Santa Monica. He was able to attend the Abilities Expo on his first public outing. It was great to see him out and about.


Triumph partnered with Rancho Los Amigos to hold an adaptive cooking class. We met Mark, who is an inpatient, and his wife Kena. They were happy to get connected. We also met Alexis who is in outpatient rehab. He was excited to learn how he can still cook.

Save the Date

Let'em Roll Fundraiser on July 28th! Roll the dice, spin the wheel, and help others beat the odds!

Don’t miss this exciting Triumph Foundation tradition that provides support for our programs all year long.

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