Employment Achievement Essay Contest – Applications Due October 15, 2017

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Employment Achievement Essay Contest

Need $5,000 to help you with employment? Apply for our Employment Achievement Essay Contest!

Triumph's Employment Achievement Award will give $5,000 to someone within the paralysis community to help them with employment. Even if you already have a current job but have goals to obtain a more successful employment our Achievement Award can help.

Funding can be used to help you obtain employment, achieve more success at your job, or start an entrepreneurial venture.

We want to be a job creator, helping people put their talents to work so we can see them off government assistance and back contributing to the community.

Triumph Foundation has received an endowment of $5,000 from the family of Bill Hollman to be awarded for the purpose of helping a person with a SCI/D to return to work by obtaining a job or pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.

Bill became a C-6/C-7 quadriplegic in 1995 from an automobile accident. After extensive rehabilitation, he reemerged into the business world and went on to enjoy many successes in real estate as well as stock & currency trading. Bill passed away on January 7, 2013 and to honor his legacy his family desires to help others like Bill who aspire to return to work after injury. Many in the SCI/D community face challenges in securing work due to lack of resources. Triumph Foundation seeks an individual who can best utilize this kind of Award. The goal is for them to return to work and continue to be productive members of the community.

Essay Instructions:

Provide a brief autobiography of yourself, describing your spinal cord injury, degree of impairment. (200 words). The challenges you face in securing employment and returning to work. (200 words). Describe how you would utilize the $5,000 Bill Hollman Employment Achievement Award (600 words).

Examples: You need funding to help you return to a job; you need capital to start a small business; or you need financing for a product/equipment that will help you be successful.

Be as detailed and specific as possible.

- If you had a job before your accident that is waiting for you, how will the funding help? How will the money be used to remove barriers that are preventing your return to the workforce?

- If you are working and need equipment, assistive technology, or a vehicle, how will it help you achieve more success or do your job better?

- If you are seeking to open a business, what is the basic plan? How soon do you expect to earn income and generate revenue?

- If you are attempting to start a job search, what kind of employment are you looking for? What is your background, education, and expertise?

- How will this award help you reach your goals and accomplish your aim to return to work?

Include your current efforts and any other factors you feel might influence this decision.

Submission Guidelines:

- Essay must be 1,000 words or less

- Typed in Microsoft Word or PDF format – no handwritten – Double Spaced, Font size 12

- Include at the Top of Page 1– Your Name, Injury Level, Onset Date, Address, and Phone Number

- Essay must be Saved As [Your Name] Bill Hollman Employment Achievement Award

- Include a Photo of Yourself as an attachment in JPEG/JPG format saved as [Your Name]

- Submissions must be Emailed as Attachment

- Email Subject Line: “[Your Name] Bill Hollman Employment Achievement Award”

Contestant Qualifications:
A qualified contestant must be:

1. California resident with a spinal cord injury/disorder, available to personally receive the award at a ceremony.

2. Supply proof of income and corresponding financial constraint.

3. Contestant shall agree and consent to, participate in as well as use their likeness in Triumph Foundation communications and promotions related to the Bill Hollman Return to Work Award.

Applications due October 15, 2017
Winner will be announced December 2017

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