Every Day Impact

Andrew Skinner June 30, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

Every Day Impact

Every Day... Someone's life is shattered by a paralyzing accident.

Every Day... Someone is sent home from the hospital unprepared.

Every Day... Your Triumph Ambassadors are the heroes meeting these needs.

Every Day... Your gifts impact every day people like the stories below.

Newly Injured Support

Our Ambassadors visit hospitals to provide resources and mentorship.


We met Sam at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Hospital, who got hurt in a cycling accident. His front wheel mysteriously fell off while he was riding causing him to go over the handle bars breaking his C4 vertebrae suffering a SCI. He is making a great recovery, getting return of function in his legs and is surrounded by loved ones.


We met Mike at Casa Colina who suffered a C5 spinal cord injury. He and his wife have a really strong marriage and are determined to get through this together. Our Ambassador Steve and his wife Deann were able to mentor them. It was a great encouragement to see another couple that have gone through something similar.


At Long Beach Memorial Hospital we recently met Michael after he suffered a T10 spinal cord injury due to a gun shot wound. Our peer mentor Ambassador Michael visited him and delivered a Care Backpack full of resources that will assist him with his new beginning. He is making a great recovery and has a hope for life after injury.


Our grant program provides critical items to those with hardship.


At Scripps Encinitas Hospital we met Mark who was injured in motorcycle accident last fall suffering a T4 spinal cord injury. He had just moved to Southern California with his brother to go to seminary to become a pastor. He lacked any insurance to cover a wheelchair, so we helped him purchase a new lightweight chair that will get him independent to return to school.



In 2004 Claudia contracted a virus called transverse myelitis causing paralysis. Thankfully she had a loving family and support system. Her insurance would not cover a padded shower commode bench that would give her the necessary skin protection to prevent pressure sores. This is all too common, insurance won't cover critical items, but we can help people like Claudia.

Equipment Exchange

Our Exchange refurbishes medical equipment and gives it to people in need.


We met Allen at Cal Rehab after he suffered a T12 spinal cord injury due to a gun shot wound. He was out with friends when a fight broke out and someone pulled out a gun and shot him. We gave him a Care Pack full of resources and then when he was discharged provided him with a lightweight loaner wheelchair to give him mobility while his chair was being built. He has a great family that's helping him along his journey towards recovery.


Allea was recently in a car accident with friends and suffered a spinal cord injury. Our Ambassador Jessica met her at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles giving her our Care Pack full of resources. When she was discharged they sent her home in an old wheelchair with no cushion. Thankfully the therapists knew to call Triumph for help. We met with her immediately to gift a lightweight chair to give her mobility, freedom and independence.


Dolly suffered a spinal cord injury 3 years ago from a fall. She has made a great recovery and is able to walk short distances. She regularly attends our Northridge Hospital support group and primarily needed to be pushed around in a "old lady" transport chair. We received a light weight portable power wheelchair that was heaven sent for Dolly. This has given her the freedom to go where she wants to go, pack it into her car easily and still be able to walk.

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