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Andrew Skinner May 10, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Upcoming Events

Take a look at this great article from The Signal Santa Clarita Valley highlighting our recent Wheelchair Sports Festival!

Triumph hosts ninth annual Wheelchair Sports Festival

The event was the first WSF event in three years and had dozens of sports available for all at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex.

Wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users played together in sports like basketball, rugby/murderball, archery and tennis.

Hundreds of athletes joined for the two-day event, with some trying new things for the first time while others flashed their skill.

Bartolome was a blur on the basketball court. Even though he was one of the smallest players, he’d be seen flying by defenders in transition and sinking shots.

“Days like this are very special,” said Bartolome. “Everyone here is gathered for the same causes, which is staying active and playing sports. It’s great to see everyone here participating and trying new sports they’ve probably never tried before.”

Bartolome has spina bifida, which has stunted his growth.

The 21-year-old has not let that stop him from being active and doing things people say he can’t do.

“I just want to be thankful for Triumph Foundation for hosting events like this,” said Bartolome. “These are once every year and it’s always fun to come over here.”

The festival is one of Triumph’s biggest events and even after being on hold for three years due to COVID-19, the event still had a turnout of more than 700 visitors and 142 volunteers.

“It felt great to be back doing the festival again,” said Skinner. “Best part was we had new participants that had never come to any event before.”



That's what everybody experienced at our 2022 Wheelchair Sports Festival. They pushed themselves to the limit — athletes, family, and friends alike!

Many of you told us it was the highlight of your year. But I know many of you might say that it's not the best event Triumph puts on. The BEST is our Let'em Roll Gala Fundraiser!

Get ready for dinner, dancing and casino games on Saturday, July 23rd!!

Not only is our Gala tons of fun and great for a date night, it's a celebration of all that we've accomplished, and it's our most important annual fundraiser because it supports our programs all year long.


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