Four stories worth being told

Andrew Skinner February 22, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Four Stories

This blog highlights the stories of four people who's lives were touched in different ways by your gifts. We are dedicated to making quality of life a reality for people who suffer traumatic injuries and want you to join us.

If you need support, we want to serve you.

If you have been helped, we want to equip you to pay it forward.

If you you want to see programs like this continue, we need you to make a gift or become a sponsor.

This weekend is the Los Angeles Abilities Expo, the largest trade show for people with disabilities and we want to connect with you.  Please wear your Triumph t-shirt and represent our #TriumphFamily

Gift of Vocation

We are proud to announce the winner of our $5,000 Bill Hollman Employment Achievement Award is Rob Balucas.

2015 was a shaping up to be a breakout year for Rob. He had a thriving website design and marketing agency, babaLucas Creative, he fulfilled his dream to live in San Francisco, and was in the best shape of his life preparing for his first Ironman Race. Then in September, on a routine training bicycle ride, things took a drastic change. He lost control of his bike and crashed suffering a L1 burst fracture to his spine that left him paralyzed. However, that's not the end of his story, it's only the beginning.  He is determined to reclaim his life, and your gifts are helping him do it! 

He submitted his business plan and was chosen to receive the $5,000 Employment Achievement Award. These funds will help him reignite his business, hire employees, and purchase necessary software to get his career and life back on track. Watch his story:

The Gift of Freedom

Karla Sanchez is an amazing woman that you were able to bless with a vehicle. Karla became a paraplegic as a child, but that hasn't stopped her from living life to the fullest. Karla is an Ambassador for Triumph Foundation, a mentor at Rancho, and best of all she is married with two little boys.

But she lacked a vehicle of her own to get around. Triumph gave her a van to help improve her quality of life. Your gifts made a tremendous impact on her family.  Watch Karla's story:

The Gift of Access

Jonathan was enjoying a beautiful day at the ocean when tragedy struck. He dove into a wave and hit a sandbar, breaking his neck and becoming a C-5 quadriplegic.

Young and newly-paralyzed, he was left wondering what his future might hold. Triumph came to visit Jonathan on those first days after the accident to encourage him and his family, supply him with a Care Backpack full of resources, and later build him a ramp to get into his home when he got discharged from the hospital.

In the coming months and years, the Triumph community will embrace Jonathan as family as he navigates the road ahead.

The Gift of Independence

Triumph recently met Irwin at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital after he suffered a T11 spinal cord injury due to a motorcycle accident in November 2017. We followed his recovery to Rancho Los Amigos, where we gave him a Care Basket and peer mentors answered his questions.

After he discharged from the hospital, he reached out to us for a loaner wheelchair. He was given a heavy hospital style one, and he struggled with access at home and shoulder strain pushing around. Your gifts helped him with a lightweight wheelchair giving him independence at home, enabling him to return to college and make getting around much easier! Watch his video:

Save The Date

You are invited to Triumph's Wheelchair Sports Festival on April 28th & 29th.

Come out to play wheelchair hockey, basketball, quad rugby, racquetball, SCUBA, handcycling, wheelchair rodeo, WCMX, baseball, and more.  Watch the video from last year

The Wheelchair Sports Festival is our BIGGEST event of the year, and it's unique because it is 100% free to participants, and 100% inclusive so everyone gets to play the games; including children, adults, & Veterans with disabilities, their families, and even YOU!

Click Here to Register

Click here to Exhibit

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for all your support to make quality of life a reality for people like Rob, Karla, and Jonathan. Learn how you can support our mission to make a life changing impact on the lives of children, adults, and Veterans living with disability. #SupportTriumph

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