FREE Durable Medical Equipment

Andrew Skinner October 10, 2017 News, Noteworthy, SCI

Need free urological supplies?

Need a free shower wheelchair?

Need a free power wheelchair?

You can find all of these items on Triumph Foundation's Equipment & Supply Exchange!

Our Exchange is designed to pair people who are in need of adapted equipment & supplies with people who have unneeded durable medical goods to donate. The items are completely FREE and have been donated in hopes they find a much needed home!

New items are constantly being added so if you're looking for medical equipment remember to always check back at our Equipment & Supply Exchange section of our website.

If you have unneeded goods and would like to gift them to someone in need, please post an ad in our classifieds. Exchange ads will remain for six months unless removed by user. Donors will be contacted directly by those in need. Equipment that is donated through this Exchange may be eligible as an in-kind charitable donation by the IRS.

Here are just a couple items that we currently have in our Exchange:












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  • Gloria Carrillo says:

    I have boxes of cath irrigation kits.Can that be something thats needed.?

  • Ana Aguilera says:

    Hello I am in need of a wheelchair and a medical bed and was wondering if anyone could donate one or help us get one. I have an aunt that was recently in a bad accident and is now paralyzed as a result of this accident. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read this.

  • Christi Ashcraft says:

    My neighbor is desperately in need of sanitizing wipes, bath cloths, gauze, tape. His dad has 3 types of infections spread by fluid contact and hospice doesn’t provide these items. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Ann Merino says:

    At what location can I donate a walker and four-prong cane?

  • Teresa M Stimson says:

    I’m looking for a wheelchair. Fixing to have a total knee replacement

    • triumph-admin says:

      Hi there, our Foundation assists those dealing with paralysis. You can connect with you medical insurance who may provide a wheelchair considering your knee replacement. Thank you.

  • Max says:

    HI. I’m Max and from the UK. I would like to know whether you would Be able to have the free equipment displayed on your site sent to the uk.
    I am willing to take whatever you have available that is free/that which you don’t need and are lumbered with etc.
    THanks and I look forward to hearing from you.