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Andrew Skinner August 27, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

Sharing your gifts with others is one of the greatest joys in life. So here’s 3 quick gifts I want to share with you.

First, read about a gift we gave to a wounded warrior that will help him develop a revolutionary new product to improve the quality of life for many catheters users.

Then, see how hundreds of you rallied together to make life-changing gifts at our Let’Em Roll Fundraiser.  It was a night to remember!

Last, I want to celebrate your gifts! Your gifts matter so I want you to have a chance to be a hero and share them as part of the Triumph Family.

Let’s get started!

Gift for a hero

Triumph is proud to announce a recipient of our Employment Achievement Award - Derek Herrera!

Derek suffered a spinal cord injury while serving in Afghanistan as a Marine Officer. In 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan and was shot and paralyzed by enemy small arms fire during combat operations. Derek is now a paraplegic.

He continued serving his country as a Marine until 2014, then earned his Masters degree at UCLA with a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Derek is now the Founder and CTO of Spinal Singularity. Spinal Singularity has been developing the Connected Catheter, the first fully internal, smart catheter system for adult males with Urinary Retention. This medical device company will greatly improve the lives of patients with Spinal Injury.

The Employment Award Funds granted to Derek will help Spinal Singularity for their upcoming clinical trials.

To learn more about the device and how you can support Derek, visit: or

Learn more about our Employment Award

Gift that keep on giving

Oh, what a night!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our 8th Annual Let'em Roll Fundraiser!!


Because of your generosity, we had 400 guests and we raised over $100,000! That's more than ever before!! Isn't that incredible?

Your gifts are enabling us to keep giving - that means more hope, more grants, and more activities for our community. It truly was a night to remember.

Listen to Andrew's keynote speech to hear our vision for the future

Watch the video to relive the magic.

Check out some pictures:

Share your Gifts - Be a Hero

Wanna be a hero? Volunteer at our events! There are tons of ways to use your gifts to serve the Triumph Family.

Superheroes Triumph 5K (Van Nuys) - 9/15

Over-The-Line Baseball Tournament (Van Nuys) - 10/20

Adaptive Sports Festival (Rose Bowl) - 11/10/18

Christmas Care Basket Outreach (Region Wide) - 12/1-24/18

Check out our Events Page for more opportunities to use your gifts.

Next up, join us on Saturday, September 15th at our 2nd annual Superheroes Triumph 5K Fundraiser!

Our run, walk, and roll is located at Lake Balboa Park 6300 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91316 on Saturday September 15th from 7 AM - 11 AM.

Event Details:

Giving Thanks

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support.

Your gifts truly matter.

If you or someone you know needs our help, please contact us.

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