Lots to celebrate! Happy Independence Day!

Andrew Skinner July 3, 2019 News, Noteworthy, SCI

Happy Independence Day!

Every 4th of July, you and I are fortunate to celebrate the freedom and independence granted us here in America. Freedom and independence to pursue happiness as we see fit.

It's what binds us together as one nation, no matter our background or beliefs or abilities.

The liberties we enjoy are gifts from the men and women who've served in our military. At Triumph, we honor those who gave us these privileges by living life with purpose.

In just ten days (July 13th), we’ll be gathering together at the Let’em Roll Fundraiser to celebrate these truths.

And I'm proud to announce we will be honoring Dr. Sarah Brindle as the recipient of Triumph’s Outstanding Service Award at the event.

Honoring Dr. Sarah Brindle

You may know Dr. Brindle from her work at the Long Beach V.A.

She serves our nation’s military heroes at the VA Long Beach Healthcare system providing inpatient and outpatient psychological services to paralyzed Veterans.

She’s also a regular fixture at Triumph events serving as a faithful volunteer. Sarah and her son Mark are both beloved members of our Triumph Family. At nearly every event you’ll find the two providing hands-on leadership, participating in the activities, and setting the tone of service-above-self.

Dr. Brindle has made it her life’s mission to promote freedom and independence for Veterans and all individuals dealing with paralysis.

Come celebrate Dr. Brindle at the Let’em Roll Casino Night and help us thank her for a life lived in service of others.

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Can't attend? Many of our disabled guests are unable to afford tickets, but your gift would allow them to enjoy this incredible night.

If you or someone you know needs our help, please contact us!

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