Harley-Anne Triumphs!

Andrew Skinner October 8, 2021 News, Noteworthy, SCI

Harley-Anne Triumphs!

Harley-Anne Laub is a hometown Triumph story! She's from Santa Clarita and tragically had her leg amputated below the knee after being hit by a car back in July.

Triumph was able to help her with a wheelchair which was sleeker and lighter design compared to the hospital wheelchair she was discharged from the hospital in.

"The hospital sent me home with a pretty clunky wheelchair and I thank Triumph for giving me a wheelchair so I can get around more easily. It’s not as heavy or clunky and it’s easier to move around in,” Laub stated in a video sent to KHTS.

In the video Harley show off her new skills, including a wheelchair wheelie.

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