Home for the Holidays!

Andrew Skinner December 23, 2019 News, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Home for the Holidays!

Home for the Holidays

Everybody has a place they call “home.” And a universal wish is to be home with family and friends for the holidays.

I remember the first Christmas following my injury. I spent it alone in the hospital, wondering if I'd ever live a normal life again.

This is the case for so many newly-injured patients. “Home for the holidays” is a wish they can’t see coming true.

We just finished a whirlwind two weeks of visits and parties at 15 different hospitals and rehab centers across the Southland. In a small way, through the provision of Care Baskets and holiday cheer, we believe we helped to bring a sense of ”home” to the patients.

But more than that, we are committed to helping them safely return home by providing education, resources, and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Keep reading below for the story of one gentleman we were able to help make it home for the holidays this year.

As we head into the new year, will you help Triumph Foundation make a difference in many more lives? We rely on your year-end gifts to continue serving in 2020.

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For the incredible people we serve,

Andrew Skinner

P.S: We are here for you. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us

José is Home for the Holidays!

From Hospital to Home, & HELP to HOORAY!

Our favorite stories are those that start with “HELP” and end with “HOORAY!”

For José, HELP was when we met him at Antelope Valley Hospital following the motorcycle accident that broke his C-4/5 vertebrae leaving him paralyzed and afraid.

Triumph Ambassadors visited José, bringing one of our world-famous Care Baskets and offering friendship, referrals, and any other help he needed to recover from his injury and return home safely and soon.

He moved to Rancho Los Amigos for his rehabilitation where Triumph continued to pour into his life and encourage him for the road ahead. When it came time to be discharged, 3 big steps and a narrow doorway blocked his way. He had no way to get into his home.

But the story doesn’t end there. Triumph was able to respond quickly providing a temporary ramp solution by our Ambassador Roberto. Then we provided a grant to purchase a more suitable and permanent ramp.

The wheelchair José got from the hospital was not suitable for his needs, so Triumph located a power chair that gave him mobility!

Not only that, Triumph partnered with another incredible organization named Masterminds who took on the construction work to widen José’s doorway so that he could easily get in and out of his home!

That’s why we’re proud to say, “HOORAY!”

This year, José went from HELP to HOORAY, from the hospital to home for the holidays with his family. None of this could have happened without your help.

Will you please help us do the same for more people like José in 2020? Your donation of any amount will make a huge difference for hundreds of people this year.

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