Inclusion Week

Andrew Skinner January 3, 2024 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Inclusion Week

We partnered with Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration and Los Angeles Unified School District for Inclusive Schools Week.

General education students had the opportunity to play wheelchair rugby and navigate a wheelchair obstacle course alongside their peers with disabilities.

We kicked off the beginning of Inclusive Schools Week by visiting the Stanley Mosk Elementary School campus. Andrew Skinner, Triumph Co-Founder and Executive Director, Katelyn Bergman, Triumph volunteer and coach, and the Inclusion Matters wonderful team Blanca and Sydney held an assembly for almost 400 students on disability awareness, inclusive sports, and how to be a good buddy so that children of all abilities can play together.

Thank you to Stanley Mosk Elementary’s Principal Ms. Ratner and Assistant Principal Ms. Valdez! Thanks to their leadership and amazing school community.

Inclusive Community

Our goal is to cultivate an Inclusive Community that is not only safe but embraces everyone who joins in. We want all people to fully embrace their self-worth and increase social interaction across all types of abilities and demographics. Through community engagement, volunteer recruitment, networking groups, public speaking sessions, dedicated advocacy for individuals with disabilities, and comprehensive peer-mentor Ambassador training, we persistently forge connections that make a difference today and lay the foundation for a transformative future. LEARN MORE

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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