How’s Your 2020 Vision?

Andrew Skinner January 17, 2020 News

We all start this new decade with 2020 vision. I hope my friends with bi-focals can appreciate that. Our vision for 2020 is to deliver Care Packs to every newly-injured person in Southern California!

And that's not all. We want to strengthen this community of support and friendship so that everyone has an opportunity to triumph in 2020!

When you think about the journey to recovery after traumatic injury, consider this: Triumph Foundation is the one organization who is there for people through every stage of their post-injury story.

That journey usually begins with a visit to the bedside of an injured person. This past Christmas, we visited 53 people whose post-injury stories are just beginning.

Each of the people have stories worth being told, but we picked 3 to highlight just for you.

Stories Worth Reading


Meet Damarius. He's 5 years old and recently his family was in a horrible car accident. He was the only survivor, but he suffered a spinal cord injury. His grand uncle and aunt took him in, and are trying to provide him with the best childhood and quality of life possible. We gave him some cool yellow push gloves, a Tshirt and a Christmas Care Basket. He was excited about the toys inside and his family cherished the resources. Love that smile!


Meet Fernando. We met him at our Christmas Outreach for Veterans. While serving in Iraq, he hurt his back. He finished his deployment, and discharged home to his wife and kids. His back pain continued, and that progressed into numbness, and then paralysis. He went to the Long Beach VA, discovering a severely pinched nerve that damaged his spinal cord. When we met, he was not able to stand, but we just got an update that he's now walking in outpatient therapy!


Meet Jasmine. Two months ago she was shot in a random act of violence that left her paralyzed at the T2 level. We met her at Rancho Los Amigos. At 28 years old, she won’t allow herself to be reduced to her diagnosis. Her road to recovery has just begun, she feels blessed to be alive and grateful to be embraced by our Triumph Family.

Your Part in the Story

With your 2020 Vision, you have an incredible opportunity to be an active participant in the stories you just read.

Your gifts ensure that each newly-injured person we meet (there will be hundreds this year) will be cared for and given every chance to triumph over their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Will you please consider a gift to help start 2020 right?

A gift of any amount will change a life, guaranteed!

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