2024 – A Year For Resilience

Andrew Skinner January 18, 2024 News, Triumph Outreach Update

A Year for Resilience

As we move forward into the promise of a new year, Triumph Foundation is fueled by a fresh vision—one that revolves around encouragment, support, and most of all, resilience.

Our commitment for 2024 is a familiar goal: to deliver Care Packs to every newly-paralyzed person in Southern California - and to encourage them to keep moving forward.

But that's just the beginning.

At Triumph Foundation, we understand how difficult the journey to recovery can be after a traumatic injury, because we've been there. And we're committed to providing support through every stage of this transformative process.

This past Christmas, we held 12 parties at hospitals, rehab facilities, and community centers to bring help and hope to 238 attendees, many of whom are just beginning their own resilient journey.

We heard story after story of tragic injury or disorder resulting in paralysis and disability. I wanted to share a few of them with you so you can see the resilience in each one of these incredible people.

Stories of Resilience

"I walked into the hospital. I can't walk out."

Alan was dealing with pain in his back and went to see his doctor who told him he had a bad staff infection. The virus had gotten so severe that his life was threatened, and they had to do emergency surgery to clean it out. In the process, his spinal cord was injured. This completely changed his life leaving him unable to move his legs. Thankfully he has a wonderful wife, Diana, who has been by his side the entire time. We met them at Northridge Hospital and gave him a Care Backpack full of resources to help in his recovery journey, and encouraged them that even though he may not be able to walk, he’s still able to live a full and happy life.

Motorcycle accident is a detour, not a roadblock.

18 year old Britney was on top of the world - she had a steady job, moved into her own apartment, and purchased a new motorcycle. In November, she was riding her motorcycle when a car swerved into her lane, sending her off the road and crashing into a tree. In the horrific accident, she suffered a spinal cord injury and lost her leg. Triumph met her at Healthbridge in Orange County, giving her a resource Care Pack, and encouraging her that she will reclaim her independent life and find new joys and thrills.

16 Year-Old Robbed at Gunpoint Survives to Stand Again

Jesse was hanging out with some friends and went to 7-Eleven to get some snacks. While there, they were followed out of the store and robbed at gunpoint by several young men. Jesse tried to defend a friend and was shot in the process, resulting in a spinal cord injury at his L2/L3 vertebrae. At 16 years-old, his life was shattered. Through medical intervention and intense physical therapy, Jesse is able to stand and walk with some assistance. Triumph visited him at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles bringing a Care Backpack. Most importantly we brought a message of hope and optimism that he is able to still pursue his dreams and live a life of purpose despite his injury.

These stories illustrate the essence of Triumph Foundation's mission — to help children, adults, and veterans with spinal cord injury and disabilities to triumph over obstacles they face and to inspire them to keep moving forward with their lives by pushing themselves to get better every day.

Join us in embracing your own vision of resilience for 2024, where "triumph" is not just a destination but a shared journey.

Thank you for being part of our transformative and resilient community.

Keep moving forward,

Andrew Skinner & Your Triumph Family


PS - Please take a minute to relive the 2023 Christmas parties with us through the photos below. If you see yourself, leave a comment below and share your favorite Triumph Christmas Party memory with us!

Christmas Outreach Recap

With your 2024 Vision, you have an incredible opportunity to be an active participant in the stories you just read.

Your gifts ensure that each newly-injured person we meet (there will be hundreds this year) will be cared for and given every chance to triumph over their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Will you please consider a gift to help start 2024 right?

A gift of any amount will change a life, guaranteed!

Save the dates 2024

Our Wheelchair Sports Festival is on April 27th & 28th in Santa Clarita. Triumph Foundation hosts this FREE event to introduce wheelchair sports to people that are newly injured, veterans, children, and others with disabilities.

You are invited to Triumph Foundation’s Let’em Roll Gala on Friday, July 12th to benefit children, adults and Veterans that have spinal cord injury and other disabilities.  The event features a three-course dinner, dancing, and games. PLUS you will support a GREAT CAUSE.

Our annual Superheroes Triumph 5K! on Saturday, September 14th is fighting crime at Brookside Park in Irvine. Be a HERO for us at our Superheroes 5K, 100% of the proceeds benefit Triumph Foundation and our mission to help real everyday heroes triumph over paralysis.

Our Over-the-Line Wheelchair Baseball Tournament on Saturday October 12th is at Barry A. Sanders Sports Field, Van Nuys.  Over 36 people with disabilities, including children, adults and Veterans, will participate in this modified baseball game.

"The resilience within the Triumph Family doesn't waver. Our momentum propels us forward to accomplish more and more, inspiring others towards recovery and restoration."
- Andrew Skinner

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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