Kyle’s Motivation

Andrew Skinner June 20, 2023 News, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

"Having this van is going to help me pay it forward..."

Momentum really gets us going!

Have you met the unstoppable force that is Kyle McKittrick? Last year, he applied to Triumph Foundation for help with a transportation solution, and we surprised him with an adapted van!

This is going to give him the independence and mobility he needs to continue serving his community with a passion.

At Triumph Foundation, we're all about providing momentum for individuals with disabilities and helping them achieve their goals. And we can only do that with the support of our amazing donors, like you!

Watch Kyle's amazing story below (and the big moment we surprised him with the van) to see for yourself the impact that your support of Triumph Foundation has made.

You can meet Kyle and hundreds of others who you've helped through our life-changing programs by getting tickets to our Let'em Roll Gala on July 15th.

Keep up the momentum!

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"The momentum we’ve built serving the paralysis community doesn’t stop. It can’t. It pushes us to achieve new things each and every day, and motivate others to embark on their own journey of recovery and restoration."

- Andrew Skinner

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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