Latoya’s Comeback

Andrew Skinner September 20, 2021 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

A Baby Needs Her Mama by Her Side

Meet Ja'Layna.

This beautiful baby girl was born on Valentine's Day 2021. She was instantly cherished by everyone, and all her mama wanted to do was hold her.

Sadly, Ja'Layna was born 22 weeks prematurely and needed extraordinary medical care to keep her breathing and alive. Doctors have done a great job and Ja'Layna is expected to live and thrive. But it will take some time before she's able to go home to her family.

Ja'Layna's mama, Latoya, was born with spina bifida and she relies on a wheelchair for her mobility.  She always dreamed of giving birth, but never thought she could. So she adopted and raised three children.

When she became pregnant, her and her husband were filled with joy and waited with anticipation to welcome their little Ja'Layna into the world.

Latoya's heart was troubled when she learned of health issues causing her baby to come very early, and she wouldn't be able to come home right away. Through the Ronald McDonald House Foundation, the family was given a temporary home near the hospital so they could stay by Ja'Layna's side while she gets the care she needs to survive.

When Latoya's power wheelchair stopped working, she was desperate to find help so she could be with her baby who needs her so much.

Through Triumph's "Grants & Equipment" program, we repaired her power chair so she can be with Ja'Layna and care for all her children.

As part of Triumph's "Circle of Care," the Grants & Equipment program is crucial for helping people come full circle in their paralysis journey and ultimately give hope and help to others.

This has been a costly and scary time for the family. They still have a long road ahead of them, but with prayer and a bit of help, they know they will make it through. Soon, Ja'Layna will be home with her loving mama every day.

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